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Why Most of the Taxi Startups are Failed While Competing with Uber-Like Taxi App?


Just two years after the inception of Uber, traditional taxi companies faced the heat and slowly opted out of the taxi market. This result is obvious because in the US most of the Uber fares were below $1. Can you remember the time when traditional taxis charged so low? Keeping that aside, it has been 10 years since on-demand taxi revolutionized the taxi market. Now many small on-demand taxi...

Give a Refreshing Experience to Your On-Demand Taxi Startup Customers with These Features


People between the age group of 25 and 35 are the maximum users of taxi booking app. These people expect any service to give a wonderful experience to them along with the intended service. So the taxi-hailing services must also give an all around riding experience to attract them. If any taxi startups fail to fulfill such expectations, the user will simply move to alternate service. Trying to...