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Give a Refreshing Experience to Your On-Demand Taxi Startup Customers with These Features


People between the age group of 25 and 35 are the maximum users of taxi booking app. These people expect any service to give a wonderful experience to them along with the intended service. So the taxi-hailing services must also give an all around riding experience to attract them. If any taxi startups fail to fulfill such expectations, the user will simply move to alternate service. Trying to...

Pros and Cons of Hiring Taxi App Developers for your Startup from Outside your Country


Ever since the success of the on-demand market, there has been a steady increase in the no. of startups in this domain. While, there can be many factors that define the success of the on-demand startups but, I don’t think that any of these factors will have more influence than the app solution. The app is one that makes a connection with the users and literally every stakeholder. Sensing the...

6 Questions to Ask Your Taxi App Development Company Before Using Their Services or Product


There is fierce competition in the online taxi booking business. Wherever you go, be it in malls, or cinema halls or airport or metro, you can see various on-demand taxi searching the riders via live GPS from their mobile. Even though there are numerous startups in this domain, only a handsome is successful and the revenue gap between both the groups is wide.  While the popular reason for this...

Tips from Experienced Taxi App Developers to Launch a Successful Taxi Startup


So far you as an owner of a taxi startup would have got guidance from various other entrepreneurs and startup founders. But none of them would match the mentorship from a taxi app development company. The resultant taxi app solution should satisfy all the stakeholders. Since taxi app developers work by looking at the solution from the point of view of the driver, customer, and admin, they know...

[Operation-S] Kickstart your Online Taxi Booking Business With Our SpotnRides Solution Now Available At Discount Price  


  SpotnRides has been riding on the success of the taxi booking software which we released in 2017. Not to mention, we got very good patronage from entrepreneurs and businessman across the world. Many of them approached us to develop a solution for their on-demand business and this includes many services apart from taxi booking business. I forgot to mention that our SpotnRides solution is...

Ferry People in Your Coastal Town by Offering a App-Based Boat Booking Service Similar to Uber Model with SpotnRides

uber for boats business model

Ride-sharing firm Uber has launched a first of its kind UberBOAT service in multiple cities across the world. In Mumbai and Croatia, Uber started a pilot boat service. They have tied-up with local boat and yacht owners and offer one-day trips and nearby transportation. But this service is started as a pilot project. Unlike other on-demand services like food delivery and taxi booking, this app...

Build an App like Uber with SpotnRides – The Premium Uber Clone Solution Provider

Build an App like Uber

Till the advent of the on-demand taxi, people used to wave on the roads for a taxi ride. They intimate the driver about the destination, enter the cab and once they reach the destination, the customers pay the driver with cash. This is the traditional way of how a taxi business operates.   Some drawbacks with traditional taxi business are: Customers don’t know the credibility of drivers, in many...

How On-Demand App Developers from SpotnRides Can Help You Transform Your Startup with a Sophisticated App Solution?


Do you have an exciting business idea? And having a problem in conceiving that idea? Want to develop an exciting app for your business? Don’t know how and where to start? No worries, you have stepped into the right place. SpotnRides is one of the leading on-demand app developing company. Most companies provide the clients which are not even 50% of what the client asked. But SpotnRides have always...

Avoid Hiring Developers to Build your Taxi Booking App, Prefer Uber Clone Solution like SpotnRides!


Have you been thinking of taking your local taxi business online? You must be wondering if to hire taxis and cabs from your customers could use an app like Uber. In the past, having an app like Uber for your cab business might have been a Herculean and highly expensive task, but no longer. The perfect solution is available for you. It is a taxi booking app just like Uber, and may even be better...