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Till the advent of the on-demand taxi, people used to wave on the roads for a taxi ride. They intimate the driver about the destination, enter the cab and once they reach the destination, the customers pay the driver with cash. This is the traditional way of how a taxi business operates.  

Build an App like Uber

Some drawbacks with traditional taxi business are:

  • Customers don’t know the credibility of drivers, in many cases, cab drivers committed crimes.
  • Exact fares are known only after the ride is completed. Most of the time the riders tend to pay more than what actual fare is.
  • Sometimes drivers used to deceive gullible riders and take a longer distance to reach the destination.

Above disadvantages took a serious beating on the taxi industry. People’s trust in cabs plummeted. Nevertheless, the demand for taxi grew year by year because of some inevitable reason.      

Entrepreneurs are people who find a problem and develop a business out of it by solving the problem. Two entrepreneurs solved the above-stated problem in the taxi business by introducing an on-demand taxi company called UBER. Uber disrupted the traditional taxi business.

UBER opened the gates for the on-demand business only to experience a deluge of different startups. Do you know what? UBER has plans to start an on-demand jet business.

So, what is the correct approach to app development like Uber?

  • Immerse into your business idea and know everything related to it
  • Create a sustainable business model and do thorough market research whether a mobile app is viable or not.
  • Find whether you are able to handle the demand and if needed apply supply chain principles
  • Customer retention is the key

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The success of Uber can be attributed to its app. Uber consists of three apps. Each for the customer, admin and service provider(Taxi driver).

Customer app

Track Route:  Once booked, the customers can track where the cab is coming. Also, while commuting the customers can check whether the driver is following the correct route.

Booking History: Riders have the convenience to check past rides and can avail any discounts if the rider is a repeat user.

Panic Button: In case of any emergency or the driver is misbehaving with the rider, the rider can use the panic button in his app. It will immediately intimate to the nearby police station, riders family/friend and company authorities.

Mobile Wallets: Customers can integrate their mobile wallets with the Uber app. After the ride, they can easily pay with the wallets without any hassles.

Split Charge: Most advanced feature in Uber app is the split charge. When riders are traveling with their friends, after the ride they can split the fare based on destination. With the mobile wallet, it is easy to use the split charge feature.

Book for Others: With their account, customers can book rides for their friend or family. After booking, the riders get the details about the booking immediately.

Driver Ratings & Review: Riders can review the ride based on his/her experience and can comment about the cab. The most important thing is the rider can rate the driver on a scale of 5. Rating may help the driver to improve his work.   

Vehicle choice: Riders can select the vehicle of their choice, it can be a sedan, hatchback, SUV etc.

Driver App

Trip details: The driver can know the trip details like destination, ride fare, no. of passengers, trip history, distance traveled to name a few.

Commission details: Commission per trip can be identified.  The driver can send messages to the company in case of any grievances.

Accept/Reject request:  The driver can accept or reject booking request based on his availability.

Quest Earnings: This is a new feature in Uber like apps, the driver can earn extra money with this. The driver will have a target to complete in a given time, once completed he can get extra money.

Faster document uploads processing: Drivers can upload the necessary documents like ID’s, license etc in the mobile app itself without any hassles.

Forward dispatch: The driver can accept another ride while completing a ride so that the driver can save some time and earn some more money.

Admin app

Fare management:  In the admin app, a centralized dashboard system will be provided where fares of the rides will be updated on a real-time basis.

Trip management: The admin can oversee the ongoing trips, completed trips and booked trips in real time.

Commission management: Admin can see how much drivers are making for each ride and how many rides each driver are contributing on a daily basis.

Real-time Reporting with Google maps: The admin can track the destination of each driver instantly using google map.

Heat Maps: This is a cutting edge feature in Uber. The driver can identify the place where more people are there and be in that vicinity. By this, he can get more rides.

Route Optimization:  The driver can use route optimization on maps to take the shortest and efficient route possible. This saves fuel and unwanted traffic.

Other “Uber like” apps that can be carved:

  • On-demand food delivery
  • On-demand health care
  • Courier service
  • On-demand beauty service

How to build an app similar to Uber?

Creating an app like Uber is a long term process for which one has to work from start to finish with utmost commitment at least till the releasing of a beta version. For a hassle-free app development, plan your app development before starting.

First of all, there are three versions of Uber like app that can be developed.

The basic version of Uber like app consists of all the fundamental feature for the driver, rider and admin app.

Most advanced feature app, as the name suggests, all the stakeholders will be loaded with highly advanced features. This version will be released once you get a hold on the business.

The third version of the app is simply an extension of the second version. Some more features at the request of the admin will be added.

It is up to the stakeholder to decide the type of app for development. Also, the cost of creating the app is different depending upon the versions. Some may think of hiring dedicated developers to create the app from scratch. Developing an app from scratch is a costly affair. Not everyone can afford that especially if you are bootstrapping the business.

Those who want to develop an app from a shoestring budget, there is a provision of creating a clone app. For taxi business, we can develop a Uber clone app. Very few including SpotnRides are having a dedicated team to create Uber like app clones.

Sometimes, it is imperative to outsource the work to a dedicated team and it is the clients who should select the team. To decide the number of resources, you should first know the scope of your work.

Cost of hiring dedicated developers for creating an app from scratch:

For a basic version of the app you need:

  1. A project manager
  2. A backend developer
  3. 1-2 UI/UX designers
  4. 2-4 developers
  5. Quality assurance engineer
  6. Tester

For an advanced version of the app with many features you need:

  1. A project manager
  2. Team lead
  3. 2-3 UI/UX designers
  4. 3-4 developers for each platform
  5. Quality assurance engineers
  6. Admin panel
  7. 2-3 backend developers

You need somewhere between $20,000 to $40,000 to create an app from scratch. The cost increases if the app is designed for multiple platforms.

App Clone Script:

You need not worry about the scalability and customization when choosing an app clone script. Our Uber like app clone script is a mirror image of the original Uber app.

This Uber like app is highly customizable and can be used not only for the taxi business but for other on-demand businesses. So far we have helped many taxi business across the world with our Uber like app.

Factors that influence the cost of app development

Features: For every add-on feature, a particular cost will be incurred based on time spent on that.

Operating system: depending upon clients requirements, the app can be made supported in Android or iOS or both.

Technology: App development is kotlin would be a bit costlier than other platforms. Similarly, you can select between native or hybrid app development.

Resource: In case of hiring a developer from outside, the cost may shoot up, again this depends on the type of developer.

Are you looking to start an on-demand business like Uber? Then, look nowhere, SpotnRides is there at your disposal. SpotnRides are a virtuoso in taxi app development and our satisfied clients are a testimony to that.

Since we have a dedicated team of professional developers, creating an app like Uber is a piece of cake for us.

If you are looking for a quick response team to clarify your doubts instantly about your new business venture, please connect with our expert team at Whatsapp or write a quick email to [email protected].

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