Why Uber for X Business Model is Famous Nowadays & How SpotnRides is 100% Adapted for your Business Plan?

Uber for X is the latest fad in the business sector right now. The potential of the Uber for X business model became popular after the Uber taxi service. Any service-based business can be brought under Uber for X model. Not to mention that nearly 80% of the GDP in the US comes from the service sector.

So if you are looking to enter the service sector, then I strongly recommend you to consider Uber for X business model. Uber for X model is based on the less-ownership model. It is apt to have taxi services like pet taxi, long distance ride handling, car pooling, corporate taxi service to run using the Uber model.

How to Start an On Demand Business using Uber for X Business Model?

Pick the right domain

Taxi service is good, but that doesn’t mean there are any other services. Tourism, travel, apartment rental, service retailing, financial services, etc are there. You can even turn an unexplored, exciting idea into an Uber for X business service.

Getting an efficient app solution

This part is important. Uber for X model has the app solution at its core. So right after picking the area of business, start building the app. I strongly recommend you to try SpotnRides Uber for X solution.

SpotnRides is a pre-built solution made mainly for Uber-like on-demand businesses. We optimized the app to suit all kinds of services.

Marketing the service and building a network

In this step, you just need to popularise your app service by the conventional marketing techniques. Social media marketing is the best since 70% of the on-demand users are under the age of 25.

SpotnRides Uber for X app

SpotnRides Uber for X app is made for 100+ on-demand services. Starting from finalising the app structure till testing and deployment, we assist you technically.

Look and feel

Physical appearance and usability greatly influences the users of the app. Poor user experience apps have unusually high uninstall rates. We kept this in mind and our team of expert designers and developers made SpotnRides with sleek design, perfect user interface, and immersive user experience. 

Tools we used for providing great user interface design are Axure RP, Sketch, and Adobe XD. 

To support large databases, we used MongoDB and Firebase as standard database modules. Scalability issues are a thing of the past in SpotnRides. 

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SpotnRides Uber-like app features

Desktop panel

  • Admin dashboard: All the activities of the business like booking, cancellation, ongoing rides, payments, driver details, driver commission etc are viewed in the admin dashboard. Bulk notifications can also be sent from the admin dashboard. Weekly, daily, quarterly finances are just a click away.
  • Assign requests manually: In case of poor network, order/booking requests can be manually assigned to the nearest service provider. This is done on behalf of customers.
  • Commission management: Service provider commission rate is controlled from the desktop dashboard. Surge pricing and fare are all managed here.

Service provider app

  • Accept/reject request: The service provider has the provision in his app to accept or reject the request based on the situation. 
  • In-app messages and calls: For queries and communication between the admin and delivery partner, the in-app chat comes handy. The service provider can also use calls and chat to communicate with the customer.
  • Ratings and reviews: Apart from customer rating, the service provider can also review and rate the service to give better insights about customers.

Customer app

  • Live tracking: From the customer app, Google map is used to track the order right after it is dispatched. The exact location and estimated time of arrival of the service provider is shown in the app itself.
  • Schedule orders: Apart from booking the order on the spot, the customer can also schedule the order for later by mentioning the time. Recurring orders can also be added to the app.
  • Secure payment modes: Different payment modes are present in SpotnRides app. You can choose your desired payment system so that we fit into the app. This is made hasslefree with good user interface to enhance customer retention.

Why choose SpotnRides over others?

We have a clear edge over others in terms of technology, As I explained above in the areas of UI/UX & database. Also, our after-sales technical assistance is something unique to us because of our commitment to long term relation.

Whatever may be your Uber for X startup idea, we make it dynamic, fresh, and affordable, using SpotnRides.

Wrapping up!

By now you have might have made up your mind to launch a Uber for X startup using SpotnRides. If not satisfied, talk with us to know the functionalities, features, technology used, interfaces, etc. Catch us on [email protected]. We are available 24/7. Mail us quick to get a free live demo of SpotnRides.

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