What Makes SpotnRides a User-Friendly Taxi Booking App Solution for the Startups?

Building a mobile app solution for on-demand business services is a competitive job and that too for on-demand taxi startups it is even more challenging. In spite of all the odds, SpotnRides has made a mark in developing a top-notch Uber like taxi app. Most of our clientele base consists of taxi startups who started from grassroots with minimal investment. At SpotnRides, we excel at making an ideal taxi app solution at the optimum cost to be used by any kind of startups, whether it is regional or international.

In this blog, I have explained the things that make our taxi app likable and what makes it to be used by many entrepreneurs and businesses in more than ten plus countries.

What Makes Our Taxi App User-Friendly?

Automated tracking and real-time arrival is the feature in our app that makes us different. This feature is present in almost all taxi app but ours is more precise and quick. With this feature, the rider need not have to give step by step instructions to the driver about the pickup location on the phone. Our customer and driver app have Google map API in it which automatically points to the rider location. The driver can use the automated tracking from his app to navigate to pick up location.  

A step further we provide impressive user experience to riders by which they can view the cab on the map in real-time and can intimate if the driver missed the route. The real-time tracking algorithm combined with Google map API gives the precise location on the map.

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Simplified sign-up and payment

How many people would use the taxi app if it has a complex sign-up process? User-friendliness of the app should start from the time a user enters the app. And we are so sure about this. Our app registration is so simple that only name, address, no., and email id is asked. No other extra questions or information is made. Obviously, the registration process can be changed as per our client’s requirements. But we stress the need to have a simple sign-up. 

The payment stage is also where we incorporated transparency and simplicity. Even though multiple payment methods are there in our integrated payment gateway, we deliberately made it easy to use and not make complications. This is because the reliability and credibility of an on-demand app lie largely on the payment.

Booking a cab within minutes

Imagine getting a taxi in the middle of a busy street? How will it feel like? It will take a lot of your time and energy plus it is not guaranteed that you will get a good cab. This is not the case if you use the taxi app made by SpotnRides. Within seconds the customer will be able to book a cab and it is at his location in minutes. 

The design architecture and code quality we follow makes our app impeccable and effortless to use. Even a first-timer can book a cab using our app with so much ease.

Genuine feedback system

The rating and review system we use in our taxi app is genuine and no manipulations can be made. The rider can easily view the past ratings of the driver and it is shown instantly when a cab is assigned. Based on the rating, the rider can choose the cab. 

We have a unique feedback system where the drivers can rate and review the riders. Off late there have been many instances of unruly passengers using the taxi. So based on some details from our existing clients we added this new feedback system. The admin panel has options to find unruly riders and debar them from using the app.

In-app usability

It is easy to find whether an on-demand app is usable with good UI/UX design. If a new user opens the app and get confused, lose the patience of not being able to do what he is after, then it is an app which is fundamentally bad with poor usability. This area is where we invested a lot of resources, technology, and time. 

We at SpotnRides made sure that any user, be it the rider or admin or driver has a smooth experience in using the taxi app. There will be no hassles and the user will leave with a positive experience. We are able to do this because ours is a minimum viable product, so you can see only optimal features, designs, and options. 


Enough has been said about the UI/UX design, usability, feedback system, simplified cab booking and many more using our on-demand taxi app solution. If you are an entrepreneur looking to launch a taxi startup, then I hope you are convinced about SpotnRides.

After partnering with us you will get a lot of surprises even after the app is deployed like free post-sales assistance, minor issue fixing, free updates, new feature addition, etc. 

Having a good taxi app solution itself assures you half success in your business endeavor. And our taxi app will be an ideal solution for you.

To get more details, send a message to [email protected]. Our team is waiting to answer you.       

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