Top 10 Inspiring Ideas to Make Big Profit in On-demand Service Startups

Do you have a wish to be the profitable owner of your own business? Hold on. Spend time on this blog to know 10 impressive thoughts to make a big growth in the on-demand market. Start any business or services up as per user preferences are the crucial tasks to stay in the market actively and get an expected profit fast in the market. 

On-demand services have a big pace in the market where the launch and gaining are fully in an easy form when comparing to other businesses. The taxi industry is a familiar business platform where the use of various familiar platforms like Uber, Lyft, etc brings convenience in both the riders, drivers, and the service providers. 

Taking this model as the base model and altering the interfaces as per the service-based requirements extends the applicability of Uber to various services. Service providers and the customers get directly connected by the digital app -platforms to meet the needs in an advanced manner. 

Global Impact of On-demand Services in On-demand Economy

According to the Geography-Forecast and Analysis Report 2020-2024, the on-demand home services have an overall market volume of 1574.86 bn USD. 

  • The Ridesharing market analysis report in marketsandmatters highlighted that the overall revenue growth will be observed from 61.8 bn (2018) to 218 bn USD (2025) and the corresponding rate as 19.87%. 
  • The Mckinsey Report mentioned that 38% growth in on-demand healthcare usage was observed in 2020 compared to 2019 due to the great impact of Covid-19. 
  • The overall volume of the On-demand home service sector will be observed as 600 bn USD in 2021 and the corresponding growth value will be 49%. 

From these amazing statistics, launching feasible on-demand services is a fruitful option to be a part of the above-mentioned growth. Treating the customer preferences like the base and developing a perfect-fit model are the two important activities for the startup professionals to get familiar with and get the expected profit at the right time. 

How can you know your preferences? How Will Your Business Model Be? This blog has detailed answers to these questions. After the raising of Uber taxi booking, convenience and comfort are the major expectations from the customer side. To meet such entrepreneurs looking for customized platforms like Uber clone and provide high-quality services easily.

Hence, for any launch of service-booking models, these are to be fulfilled in a smart way. Here are the top 10 inspiring ideas for startup owners to expand their services in various regions and turn to be profitable players in the market. 

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10 Inspiring Ideas to Increase the Profit Value

1. Personalization Tactics

Treating every customer personally makes them feel better while accessing your services. Depending on the service sector like healthcare, handymen, the service provider clearly understands the emergency or priority needs. Fulfilling them as per the emergency levels makes the new customers easily attracted to your on-demand services. 

Getting closer to the customers is now easy with the use of mobile applications. Yes. As we all know that app-usage is greatly observed among the customer side, service booking application is the efficient way to get enough awareness about the customer’s needs closely and run the services as per them. 

2.Social Engagement

Recently, the usage of social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. is increasing. Creating your own profile on each platform is one of the options to ensure your online presence. Moreover, accessing the customer profile or tracking such profiles allows the service providers to easily grasp the customer preferences regarding products or services in real-time. 

The app-based modules have the capability of integrating the social media profiles within the apps for multi services like Uber for X. With the use of this idea, the group or community of the service providers can be easily formed and it is easy for the customers to access directly. Also, the service providers familiar with the wishes in service selection are either rating-based or most access-based, etc. 

3. Keep Follow Schedules

One of the highly inspirational ideas is to follow the schedules declared by the customers. In some cases, the completion of the services takes a long-time or a short time. Pre-planned schedules are a feasible option to avoid the delay in appointment handling and the collapses in service access in real-time. 

Assigning the proper schedules for the service initialization and completion via digitized platforms allows you to carefully monitor the service provider’s workflow, time for completion exactly. This knowledge lets you optimize the appointment levels accordingly. 

4. Simplified Payment 

For any services, the end stage is the payment. Customers largely expect convenience in payments. Nowadays, the various payment modes are getting familiar and they are the digital alternatives of the payment through direct contact. 

Since the contactless payment models like the third-party payment apps, net-banking, and wallet-based payments, etc, integrating these modules within the app-based modules simplifies the payment activities.

5. Instant Data Accessibility

Service efficiency highly depends on the service professionals and their qualifications. The profile containing the details of the service professionals and the data maintenance of the customers bring the essential convenience while offering services. The app-based models allow both the service professionals and the customers can directly access their details and alter them anyplace as well as at any time. 

6.Real-Time Analytics

One of the essential options to make the on-demand service startups generating high revenue is the inclusion of real-time analytics. The notifications regarding the service professionals’ status, consistent updates of the current location, alerts on the new products or services included in the business model all are customer attentive options. Including such options in the app-based business models allow you to grasp the wide range of customers in real-time. 

7. Geo-Fencing Methods

The location or the distance between the service professionals and the customers plays a major role in service access. The geo-fencing method such as the integration of GPS tracking or map-based navigation allows the service professionals to easily identify the optimal distance from the distance pool. This reduces the trip time as well as the fuel consumption to save money. 

8. Transparency in Deals

Offering service without a perfect service professional is inefficient. Making the perfect deals with the service professionals allow you to address the customer needs in real-time and fulfill them perfectly. 

Incorporating the digital platform to manage all the processes and the financial activities to assure transparency. Mostly, the commission charge and the fee collection must be accurate and nominal. Keeping those financial records in a secure platform like blockchain increases the deals and provides the ability to carry more services in real-time. 


This is the most important feature above all. Yes. You must follow the time for the service provider selection and assign the appointments to them. Also, the service providers partnered with you to present the customer’s place at the exact time that the customers really expected. Following the time also enables the service providers to handle more services easily for the day. This increases the revenue value beyond the expected level in real-time. 

10.Stable Communication

Messaging can be one of the inspiring tactics for service professionals to interact with customers at any time. This makes the customers be aware of the presence of service professionals and convey their emergency needs at the right time. Further, conveying present needs as well as the demands through messaging platforms brings stability in offering services and assures long-term relationships. 

Wrapping Up

Treating customers’ needs wisely and fulfilling them via digitized modules can be the right track to earn more customers and revenue. Tuning all the workflows with the 10 inspiring ideas presented in this blog via app-based models definitely makes you the profitable player in the competitive market.

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