Thanks to the advanced technologies and new features, the logistics industry has had tremendous growth in recent years. The drastic usage of mobile applications brings a new dimension to the trucking business.  Uber for freights clone app is one such familiar application that adds value to the workflows of the trucking business in many ways. […]

priSince its foundation, Uber has been a revelation. The pioneers of Uber have totally revolutionized the dimension of the taxi business. Uber’s introduction showed that the business model on demand was the true deal and the success that different entrepreneurs enjoyed in investing without retaining on-demand business models in various industries. Uber for trucks is […]

By offering emergency recovery services, the towing industry is the most accessible platform for people. Tow truck drivers play a major role in carrying the customer service requests aggressively and perform the works in round clock schedules. Being a tow truck driver is not an easy one in real-time. It is a highly challenging one […]

Since we are living in a digital world everyone needs a thing or work to be done easier than doing it in a traditional path. So people’s keep on searching for a simple way to get the work done. Nowadays there are N number of apps in both the play store and Apple store. The […]

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