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Since we are living in a digital world everyone needs a thing or work to be done easier than doing it in a traditional path. So people’s keep on searching for a simple way to get the work done. Nowadays there are N number of apps in both the play store and Apple store. The survey shows that nearly 2.8 million apps have been published in 2019. It has become a trend to start an app and earning through it. 

Why On Demand Truck Booking App?

In Europe, exporters are paying billions of dollars for the goods delivery due to lack of drivers and fuel price. A survey is taken in Europe and the USA it shows that more than 80% of goods are carried to the distance less than 115 kilometres. Lots of people’s needs to shift their things or goods to some other places but they couldn’t able to get the right service at the right time. On the other side the vehicle which delivers the goods return empty. Therefore to make it simple, let me introduce you to the on demand uber like app for truck booking. 

Where your customers can able to send and receive all their goods in the right place with exact timing. This app will display your customers that which truck is ready to take their goods and it also keeps on notify them the locations of the goods that have to be delivered. And the plus on this app is all sorts of goods (clothing, furniture and all other stuff too) can be delivered once the truck driver accepted your request to get the job done and it will notify the customers on the delivered time. So your customers will get full heart satisfaction and you will be profited on this. When the driver refused to accept the goods it will notify you the admin and your customers are also able to file a report on why the driver refuse to accept their goods.

The following three Interfaces are combined to act as a total deliver app

  1. Customer app (IOS and Android)
  2. Truck Driver app (IOS and Android)
  3. Admin web panel

Let us see the interfaces in detail as follows

  • Customer app – Were your customers can able to see the available trucks nearby them or the trucks which are ready to take their goods immediately and they can also able to track their goods which have to be delivered.
  • Truck Driver app – The driver can track the customer’s location and then where the goods have to be delivered.
  • Admin web panel – It will list all the goods delivered details along with the time and the goods which has to be transport details will be updated.  

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How does this thing work? 

Similar to other Uber apps it also contains two apps that are customer app, Truckdriver app and admin web panel.

  1. At first, the users who want to transfer their goods have to download the customer app and then register the following details to create an account to start their service with the Truckloader app. 
  2. The customers have to select the payment method and payment details will be saved automatically.
  3. Once the above step is completed it will show the truck drivers nearby who are ready to take your goods and the payments, addresses are done accordingly.
  4. Then the truck driver will get the notification about the order and other details.
  5. The trucking details and other details will be updated once the driver accept the goods.
  6. It will also notify the admin if the truck driver refuses to take the goods.

So now you may get the idea about the Truckloader app and if you have any doubts regarding this you can contact us anytime.  

Are you ready to spend your whole money for creating an app?

Creating an app isn’t an easy task it’s a lengthy process to get it done. At first you should have good skills in programming languages like Java, C++, Swift, PHP, etc. If not you have to hire a developer to program according to your needs. They may cost you according to their working process. The best choice I would suggest you is to choose a clone app like uber than to creating a new app which makes your job tough.

Let us start it with Pre-build app SpotnRides  

As I mentioned before, get the work done by simple way. Let us start it with pre-build app SpotnRides. Even if you got some other features to be included in this app it can also be done with in a short duration of time. SpotnRides is a user-friendly service which helps to bring your dream into reality. We are also having similar apps like Truckloder in SpotnRides. Join your hands with us today to kickstart your business and take it to the next level. Connect us via [email protected].

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