uber for doctor booking app

Every day, new problematic situations are rising in every country. Solving them is not just only the responsibility of the leadership but also the citizens. If you are a person who belongs to the UK, then the term “Dental Desert” is not a new one for you. It simply denotes the lack of dentists in […]

doctor booking app

In the healthcare industry, some pain points affect the patients’ satisfaction and make the patients avoid a clinic for the next visit. If you are an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry, you need to know such pain points in the patient journey and the solution to reduce them.  Recently, SpotnRides released an infographic, “How Can […]

doctor booking app

Today, people are upgrading their traditional lifestyle with advanced digital solutions. It includes getting an appointment with a doctor. Applications are ruling the current market of any industry. They are providing an online platform for the people and businesses to do their needful.  For example, a doctor booking app eases the process of getting online […]

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You need not have in-depth knowledge about medical practices to run a business in the healthcare industry. Nowadays, there are new businesses raised in the industry that need effective persons to manage online business, not medical practices. Online doctor booking is one of the new business models of the advanced healthcare industry. All you need […]

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The Healthcare industry contains many businesses including corporate wellness centers, fitness centers, diagnostic centers, pharmacies, and more. Telemedicine is one of the businesses in that industry; the demand for the business has been increasing in recent times. In telemedicine, three types have been practiced by doctors. They are store-and-forward, remote monitoring, and real-time interactive services. […]

on-demand doctor booking app

Online Doctor Booking Services is one of the necessary tools for the healthcare industry. Through this online platform, patients can book their doctor’s appointments at their feasible time. This makes the process of getting an appointment from doctors easier.  Not only the patients but also the doctors will be benefited from this facility.  A recent […]

Uber for doctor booking app

Uber-like apps have had a huge impact on startups, assisting them in providing a reliable service in the market. Healthcare services are not an exception to this trend. The on-demand doctor app has simplified the process of locating a doctor in an emergency situation. Moreover, the Uber-like doctor app has made people get quality healthcare in just […]

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