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How can a Dentist Appointment App be a Mutual Solution for “Dental Desert” in the UK?

Every day, new problematic situations are rising in every country. Solving them is not just only the responsibility of the leadership but also the citizens. If you are a person who belongs to the UK, then the term “Dental Desert” is not a new one for you. It simply denotes the lack of dentists in the NHS. 

Most media cover this problematic situation, its causes, and also solutions. But as an entrepreneur in the UK region, you can also help patients who are looking for dentist service at a reasonable price. 

To do this, a solution named “customized Uber for Doctor Booking App” can help you. This blog will deliver all the details that you need to know about the solution and how it can be the best solution for the patients, dentists, and also you. 

What is Meant by Dental Deserts in the UK?

As said before, dental deserts are nothing but the term used to mention an inadequate number of dentists in a particular region. In recent days, the term was coined to describe the current situation of the UK, especially England.  

Since more than two thousand dentists quit the National Health Service (NHS) last year, now the inadequacy of dentists is experienced by the people in that region. As per the recent reports on this, there are millions of people who are looking for dentists to check their teeth and fix some problems like toothaches and others. 

For the mass leaving, many factors were claimed as reasons. Among them, the long-term neglect of the dental profession, Brexit, and the Covid-19 pandemic was considered the main factors. 

Some private dental clinics are ready to provide dental services to patients in the UK. But the patients are looking for NHS dentists for cost-effective services. So, a state of imbalance was created between the demand and supply for dental care. 

Such imbalances are normal things that will be equalized by taking efficient steps. For example, by introducing a new service that acts as a bridge between the patients and the dentists, the imbalance can be equalized. Let’s check how it is possible.

Online Dentist Booking: How it Helps Patients and Dental Clinics

An online platform for booking dentists can help you to create an effective bridge between patients and doctors. The platform can benefit dental clinics/ doctors and also patients. The online dentist booking platform is nothing but a marketplace on which any eligible dentists or clinics can register as service providers. 

When patients want to get an appointment with a dentist they’ll visit the online marketplace for dental clinics. They can choose any kind of dentist as per need like appointment date, special treatment, and others. 

Once they send their request, the dentist will receive a notification of the request. Depending on the availability, the dentist can accept or reject the patient’s request. Patients can track the status of their requests online. 

Once the appointment is confirmed, both can meet at the correct time at the mentioned location or medium (voice/ video call). At the end of the consultation, the patient can pay for the doctor through multiple payment options like a credit card, debit card, net banking, and others. 

As it is a marketplace, there will be competition between dental clinics. So, the price of the service will not be expensive as many clinics and dentists follow pricing strategies to get more appointments.

At the same time, the patients can also review and rate the dentist’s service they booked and experienced. It helps other patients to get the level of quality of a dentist or a clinic before booking them. 

This allows the dentist to gain more patients online and earn more money. For clinics, it’ll increase the number of patients and reduce the number of no-shows. 

So, such an online platform will be helpful for patients and also dentists. Along with this, it also benefits you to get more revenue. Let’s check it in detail. 

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On-Demand Doctor Booking App Development: Is it Profitable? 

As an entrepreneur, you’ll look for the opportunity to make money while investing money. You can rely on the dentist appointment app development for the high RoI. As the online platform to book dentist appointments is a marketplace, you can earn money through the following methods. 

  • Listing Fee –  You can collect a certain amount from the dentists to list their services online on your platform. 
  • Commission Rate-  In addition to the listing fee, you can also collect the commission rate for each successful appointment the dentist gets through your appointment. 
  • Ad Banners –  In addition to this, you can also show ads on your platform to get additional income. It can extend your profit limit passively. 
  • Promotions –  You can also monetize your platform by promoting third-party services or products by including promotional content with your platform. 
  • Affiliated Marketing –  Once you get a large number of visitors to your online dentist booking platform, then you can sell the products for which you affiliate. 
  • Ranking Fee  – Once your online dentist booking platform gets core competence, you can charge the dentist or clinics to show their service at the top ranks like google keyword bidding service. 

But all these money-making opportunities don’t come easily. You need to develop a robust online dentist booking system with flawless features.  Such an effective online platform only can help you to bridge the gap between the patients and the dentists in the UK region to reduce the cause of dental desert. 

How can Uber for Doctor Booking App Relieve “Dental Desert” in the UK?

While developing an online dentist booking platform, you should note that such a platform should be easily reached through mobile as the number of internet users through mobile is high. At the same time, your platform should be SEO-friendly to reach potential customers. So, it is advisable to develop a mobile application and also a web application to cover a maximum number of potential patients. 

But developing a dentist appointment app from scratch may cost you high. To reduce the expenditure, you can choose a ready-made dentist appointment app solution which is known as “Uber for doctor booking app”. It is nothing but a readymade app script that can be customizable concerning your business model. 

By choosing this, you can reduce your expenditure to develop a dentist appointment app. And, the Uber for doctor booking app also has all the basic and advanced features to do the online booking process. To do that it has three elements like the following. 

Patient App 

It is a mobile application that contains all the basic and advanced features as follows to facilitate the online booking service for patients who need to get an appointment with a dentist. 

  • Powerful search tools to find the best dentist in the locality of the patients. 
  • Online booking facilities help patients to get a dentist’s service instantly.
  • An appointment scheduling facility can empower patients to book dentist appointments at their feasible date and time.
  • Telemedicine is also possible when the patients want to consult with a dentist with this dentist appointment app.
  • Multiple payment options for patients to pay the dentists once after the treatment/ consultation. 
  • The patients were also allowed to submit their reviews and ratings. 

Doctor App

Through the doctor application, dentists can be supported with the following features to streamline their appointments online. 

  • Profile creation and management facility to establish their online listing service.
  • Optimizing the list of services and the cost for the services,
  • Dashboard to check and manage their activities like accepting or rejecting appointment requests, etc. 
  • Access to check the complete history of payments and appointments to measure their progress.
  • They can accept online payments from customers through many channels and methods, etc. 

Admin Panel

This panel helps you to organize your business through a single platform. It helps you to get an upper hand in the online dentist booking service. 

  • User data management can help you to collect and process the data to optimize your strategies.
  • A content management facility can help you to optimize your app content.
  • You can also manage multiple income streams through the admin panel of this Uber for doctors solution. 
  • Through this admin panel, you can include or exclude any service providers instantly, etc. 

These are the basic features of an Uber for doctor booking app script. Along with this, you can include any additional features by choosing a customized solution. 

From SpotnRides you can get a customized Uber for doctors script that is compatible with your online dentist booking service. As it is a marketplace, you can get control of the cost and quality of service. It helps patients in the UK region to get appointments or online consultations with qualified dentists from worldwide at an effective cost. 

That means, by availing the best Uber for doctor booking app script from the best mobile app development company like SpotnRides you may be a factor to relieve the “Dental Desert ” in the UK. 

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The patients in the UK are searching for a dental clinic near them or reachable through mobile which cost them equal to their NHS dental charges. Such infrastructure can be established by choosing the best Uber for doctor booking app solution. 

From SpotnRides you can expect a customized Uber for doctor script that plays well in the market and is beneficial for patients, dentists, and also you. It’s time to take a smart move.  

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