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Enable Recurring Revenue Stream In Your US-based Mobile Therapy Business With Talkspace Clone App

The Healthcare industry contains many businesses including corporate wellness centers, fitness centers, diagnostic centers, pharmacies, and more. Telemedicine is one of the businesses in that industry; the demand for the business has been increasing in recent times.

In telemedicine, three types have been practiced by doctors. They are store-and-forward, remote monitoring, and real-time interactive services. Through these, a vast range of services like mental health, primary health, complex healthcare, and many more can be provided.

When you focus on mental healthcare, you should have to choose a mobile app relevant to the concept. In this manner, you can gain more benefits by choosing the Talkspace clone app for your mobile therapy service.

Now, check some interesting points to note before developing an app for your healthcare business and how to earn recurring revenue from that channel.

Does an App Like Talkspace Fit Your Mobile Therapy Service? 

Mobile therapy is one of the services in the telemedicine sector. With some effective field knowledge, a strong online platform, and practitioners you can provide the best therapy service. With effective technology and clinical expertise, you can reach a global audience.

Talkspace is one of the healthcare businesses in the US that has been providing mobile therapy services through its mobile app effectively. So, you can choose an app like Talkspace to provide seamless telehealth service. Especially, when you focus on more available and affordable psychiatry and mental healthcare you can avail the Talkspace clone app.

Did you know?

Nearly 1 in 5 employed adults in the U.S. has been experiencing a mental health issue, including depression, anxiety, insomnia, and others. So, they are seeking the doctor’s advice and medications.

So, by launching your mental healthcare app like Talkspace you can dominate in the US healthcare industry. At the same time, you must have an idea about your business infrastructure and workflow to be successful.

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Analyzing Business Model Of Telemedicine Business 

Having an operative business model is a crucial thing to starting any kind of business. You can also study Talkspace’s business model for reference to build your business model. It contains the following key areas in its business.

  • Key Partners – Therapists, Local clinics, health insurance firms, payment gateways.
  • Key Activities – Providing telehealthcare affordable, allowing doctors to get more online appointments.
  • Key Sources – App like Talkspace, partners, and staff.
  • Value Proposition – Telemedicine through messaging, phone calls, video, or any other channels online.
  • Customer Segments – Individuals, couples, and teenagers who are looking for mental healthcare can also be a business.
  • Customer Relationship – AI-chatbot, multiple touchpoints are the primary things to ensure the customer relationship.
  • Channels – A mobile app like Talkspace, web apps, and social media.
  • Cost – You should pay for availing Talkspace clone app, and other infrastructures, salary to the staff, marketing, and others.
  • Revenue Stream – You can gain revenue through a subscription model or freemium model.

So, by following this working model you can establish a telemedicine service in the US. The Talkspace clone script will help you with its three dedicated panels for patients, doctors, and admin to stick to the best result in business.

As an admin, you can manage all the things and revenue streams in your business. When you focus on the revenue streams, through the functional Talkspace clone app, you can get recurring revenue.

Possible Revenue Streams Of Your Business With Talkspace Clone App 

To create passive income from your healthcare app like Talkspace, you must know the possible revenue streams that you can enable with your Talkspace clone app.

The commission is the main income source of your healthcare business. It is obtained by connecting doctors and patients online. So, you must attract more patients to use your Talkspace clone script to earn more commissions. To do that, you can follow the technique of the Talkspace that is providing free self-assessment tests to check the mental health of the patients.

After the assessment, if the patient needs mental healthcare, then try to introduce your service. Through this, you can convince your potential patients and collect subscription or premium fees from them.

You can also collect commissions or premiums from the doctors to list their services. Besides this, revenue from ads, and affiliated marketing is the additional income. In simple points, you can generate three types of revenue streams with your Talkspace clone app.

  • The revenue generated through the subscriptions is called recurring revenue.
  • The money generated through the affiliated or cross-selling with your app is transaction-based revenue.
  • The commissions through every online consulting belong to the project revenue model.

Now, let’s look into the ways to enable the subscription revenue model with your ready-made Talkspace like app.

Talkspace Clone Script: Channel To Execute Subscription Revenue Model  

The subscription revenue model is nothing but, collecting a specific fee from the users or customers at regular intervals to use your service. You can execute the model with your online doctor booking app like Talkspace.

The main concern in this model is, that you must convince your customers to pay a subscription fee. The best app for doctor booking can do this for you easily by following manners.

  1. Target Potential Patient- To do that you have to target the potential customers (patients) and their needs. By providing free mental healthcare tests with your online doctor booking app like Talkspace clone, you can find your potential target people.
  2. Diversity – Display your diversity in your service by facilitating treatment for multiple problems like Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, OCD, PTSD, Social Anxiety, Panic Disorder, and others. The best Talkspace clone app script can list and categorize these services under a single banner.
  3. Additional features- Along with the workflow, your customers expect some features like online doctor booking, scheduling, canceling, online telemedicine, 24*7 patient care, and more in the app. All these can be included with the best app for doctor booking (Talkspace clone app).

With these attractive qualities, the patients can be convinced to pay subscriptions by the Talkspace clone script. On another hand, you can execute the same subscription model to the doctors by listing their services and empowering them to get more online appointments.

Points To Note Before Choosing Talkspace Clone 

All you set to get the best Talkspace clone app script once you note these important points about that. As we have seen in the intro part, there are many types of healthcare businesses that are raising every day.

  • You should choose the best doctor booking app clone that fits your business and revenue model. This Talkspace clone app is the best choice for online mental healthcare startups.
  • It is highly recommended to avail of a customized clone app like Talkspace. So, that you can deliver your uniqueness in your business touchpoint.
  • The actual Talkspace app allows you to book online appointments only. But with the Talkspace clone app, you can enable the feature which allows the patients to book appointments with the doctors even in in-person/ in-home mode.
  • But, to get such an extraordinary online doctor booking app like Talkspace, you must choose the best Talkspace clone app script, provider.

SpotnRides has been developing ready-made Talkspace like app scripts for healthcare businesses like you. By getting them, you can provide seamless service to your patients, endless opportunities for online appointments with your doctors, and enable multiple revenue streams for your business.

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Provide a wide range of mental healthcare services with the Talkspace clone app to attract more patients. By doing this, you can increase the profit range of your business through the subscription model.

When you inspire doctors to get numerous appointments through your app, they also prefer your online doctor booking app. Hence you can double up the profit, So, choose the best Talkspace clone app script from the leading clone app solution provider like SpotnRides.

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