On-demand services because of its speed, comfort, and reliability has revolutionized the way we live. There is very little area untouched by technology and on-demand services which is a mix of technology and innovation has made our life a little less tensed and more peaceful. Earlier, conventional companies took a huge toll on our […]

When smartphones were introduced some 10 years back no one knew its market would grow exponentially. In 2014, 1.5 billion smartphones were used across the world. At present, 2.5 billion smartphones are used, a staggering one billion increase in four years. It is projected that the growth will be 100 percent by 2025. The growth […]

Are you looking to buy uber clone solution something similar to Uber? You can now get the advanced app for booking a taxi with our top selling product SpotnRides for both iOS and Android. Our product works in real time and has an integrated Mobile Payment system that ensures payment to registered drivers, automatically. There […]

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