Why do you need to Buy our Uber Clone App Solution for your On Demand Business?

Are you looking to buy uber clone solution something similar to Uber? You can now get the advanced app for booking a taxi with our top selling product SpotnRides for both iOS and Android.

Our product works in real time and has an integrated Mobile Payment system that ensures payment to registered drivers, automatically. There are two mobile applications that come with our solutions such as the passenger application for booking, and tracking taxis and drivers application, in which drivers can accept mobile reservation requests, and finally, owners admin panel to control all the activities. SpotnRides allows you to make use of taxi bookings through mobile devices.

The features of our uber clone solutions are mentioned below:

Rider Application:

  • Registration: To use the application, passengers can register directly from their mobile application.
  • Card Registration: For Mobile Payment, passengers will be registered directly from the App.
  • Pick-up location: Passengers can configure their location by setting the destination on the map through Google Places.
  • Taxi type: You can select the type of taxi, as well as explore several other details, such as the price per km, the price charged per minute and the minimum fare for each type of taxi.
  • Using Google API you can determine the rate by calculating the distances between the collection point and the final destination.
  • Follow-up in real time: Once the reservation is made, the user will be able to track the taxi, from the beginning till the end of the trip.
  • Mobile Payment: ¨Stripe¨ will deduct the payment after the completion of the trip. The invoice will be sent to the passenger’s phone and to the registered email ID as well.
  • Evaluation of service and reviews: The contribution of the users is fundamental for the improvement of the service, where they will be able to rate the driver and write a critique on his experience with your Taxi App.
  • Add Payment: Passengers can add several card numbers.
  • Reservation history: The passenger reservation history is available in this application.

The Admin App

  • Fare management:  In the admin app, a centralized dashboard system will be provided where fares of the rides will be updated on a real time basis.
  • Trip management: The admin can oversee the ongoing trips, completed trips and booked trips in real time.
  • Commission management: Admin can see how much drivers are making for each ride and how many rides each driver are contributing on a daily basis.
  • Real time Reporting with Google maps: The admin can track the destination of each driver instantly using google map.

Driver Application:

  • Registration: Drivers will be able to register directly from the App, and their registration will be public once the administrators approve their profile.
  • Reservation: The driver has 15 seconds to approve or reject any new booking request. You will be shown the pick-up point, along with the distance from the current location and also the travel distance between the pick-up point and the destination.
  • Status: The driver can update the passenger when he/she has accepted or rejected the reservation, reached the pick-up point, and arrived at the destination.
  • Reservation history: The driver has access to the reservation register, review states and sees cancellations.

Tips for the Taxi Business Owners to Shine in this competitive Market,

  • First, be clear about the business plan and revenue model. Business plan in the sense has a good foundation and financial management.
  • Build your client portfolio, you can start with friends, former co-workers, family members: even they could recommend your company.
  • The modality that is most used in the taxi companies in the collection by the commission, for this, the company contracts with the clients, the taxi drivers do the service and the company charges a percentage of that service.
  • To define the rates, it is advisable to look at the market and compare the rates of other companies in the same category.
  • Preferably, try to ensure that the drivers know all the alternative routes they can take, a differential advantage of your company could also be oriented by the speed.
  • Continuously monitor drivers to verify that the service is provided correctly, and rectify any problems quickly.

SpotnRides is a fully customizable, exact replica of the world-renowned Uber app with in fact, a greater number of features than the original app. There is no need for you to get a cab-sharing app designed and developed from scratch. All the functional and branding features are incorporated within the app and you can get it operationalized within a few hours, depending on the customization and branding features you need.

If are looking for a quick response team to clarify your doubts instantly about your new business venture, please connect with our expert’s team here at Whatsapp or write a quick email to this email address [email protected].

Build your Own Uber Clone App Solution with SpotnRides:

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