Start a Private Jets App Booking Business Similar to Uber and Connect Individuals and MNCs with Jet Owners for Luxurious Flying

Private jets need no introduction. They are used by many individuals and MNCs on a daily basis. Having a private jet is more of a need than a luxury for many companies. They can use private jets for frequent business travel by their employees. By doing this, helps them to retain the employees and lower the attrition rate. Also, using jets gives a global feel to the company.

Affluent individuals are some other people who use private jets. They may use it for business and personal works.

But unfortunately, not every company or every individual can afford to have a private jet. Owning a private jet involves maintenance, employing crew, fuel, parking space, etc. So, it is next to impossible for most people.

Bringing private jet under the model of Uber can be revolutionary. Using private jets under the Uber like model is a new idea and it is yet to take off. Even Uber had planned to start a dedicated jet service only in 2022. At present, there are few companies in the Uber for jet business and I will talk about it later.

How uber for private jet booking app works?

Like any other Uber for X businesses, you have a customer app, owner app, admin panel. Using the customer app you search for a jet and get connected to the owner of an available private jet. You speak with them and reserve a time slot. See, it is very simple. It is similar to the ride sharing service but here aircraft is used in place of the car.

Now we can see the two ways to book a jet.

First is the jet-sharing model. Here the owner of the jet flies others in their jet. This is similar to carpooling.

Second is the subscription model where you pay a fee and can use the jet for unlimited times in the limited period.

The type of model depends on the jet owners. If you have an idea to start this business, you first develop the Uber like app for this business and market it so that jet owners can list their service on the app. After the completion of a service or before the ride, the customer pays the owner using multiple payment options. A small amount of commission goes to you. This is the revenue model for this business.

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Will this business really works?

The number of startups and young entrepreneurs have grown exponentially in the last decade. They want some thrill and be different from the rest of the traditional companies. These people are keen to use the jet service.

MNCs and big corporations are very serious about providing better service to their employees. So, it is inevitable for them to use private jets.

So, the need for a private jet is definitely there and the demand will increase drastically if it brought under the on-demand Uber like model.

Existing companies in the app-based aviation sector

JetSmarter Inc

JetSmarter is a mobile-based aircraft sharing company. It has a network of over 3,000 jets. Over 6,00,000 users have registered in their app. They use data science and advanced mobile technology to connect many entrepreneurs and executives across the world. They offer services like jet pooling, subscription-based flying, empty-leg final deals, and many more innovative services. Many investors have already funded millions of dollars in this startup and it is estimated to grow at double digits in the coming years.


This is the first company in the Uber for jet model. It started in 2012 with the aim of filling empty seats in the jet services. Their service is offered at a cost slightly higher than the commercial flight ticket. They justify the higher cost by providing premium service to executives and businessmen. Customers don’t need to face any hassles of booking a ticket on a commercial flight. Users can fly in a calm and serene environment.

Obstacles for the on-demand aviation industry

Like any other industry, on-demand jet booking also has its set of challenges.

  • Flying an aircraft and landing in an airport is not easy. A lot of documents and licenses are required which is difficult to get quickly.
  • This field is entirely new and a regulating body is definitely needed.
  • Safety of the flyers is very important and frequent maintenance of aircraft is required by following a standard guidelines.
  • The service and luxury expected by the flyers are very high and the owners should provide them to retain the users.

 Final wordings

Despite many challenges, the future of Uber for private jet is bright. If you are interested to start the Uber for private jet business, then SpotnRides Uber like app solution is the appropriate one for you.

The SpotnRides solution is used by many entrepreneurs and startups for various on-demand services. So, we are open to any kind of customization. The total time taken from start to deployment is short and so you can start this business in a very small time.

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. If you have any other business idea, read our blogs to know more.

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