How SpotnRides Taxi API Helps You and Easily Integrate with Your App at Low Cost?

Uber is the no. one taxi booking startup which operates millions of cab worldwide. This app now has an API which is being used by many other applications. This blog explains about Uber API, it’s applications and also about our SpotnRides taxi API, it’s documentation, and many more. Let us see one by one.

What is Uber Taxi API?

Application Programming Interface(API) is a set of instructions or procedures that enables an application to access the data and features of another application or operating system. This is the simplest definition of an API. Uber API also works similar to a normal API. Normally, an API is used in third-party applications.

Even the taxi app Uber uses Google map API to access the Google map for navigation and location data. Same way, Uber API can be used by other applications to access Uber.

But, the cost and effort required for integrating Uber API make many startup apps and on-demand apps to go for alternatives.

SpotnRides API

SpontRides is a taxi app which is prebuilt with all fundamental features and closely resembles Uber. We have made this app for budding entrepreneurs who wants to get into the taxi market at an affordable cost. 

Now, we have got a brand new API for SpotnRides. We know that there is demand for taxi app API’s and our existing clients felt that they can further improve their business by partnering with third-party apps using API.

SpotnRides API has a few documentation and each part can be used for particular work. Let us see about it now.

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API documentation

SpotnRides driver and rider API

This API can be used for some innovative on-demand services. It has data which includes payment, ratings, commission, etc.

Our rider API can ask for a trip request. This API can be used in any third-party apps where users can ask for a ride with just a tap. The third-party app will get more users if this API is placed inside it.

SpotnRides business API

This API can do operations and handle data for billing, user management, accounts, payments, etc. Startup apps that require billing and payments functions can use it.

New startups can use these APIs to carry out some work effortlessly. For our existing clients, these API’s helps you to partner with others.

Benefits of using our API in your business

  • No need to develop a separate taxi app which consumes a lot of time and effort. You just focus on your core business. It is hassle free to integrate our API with your app and partner with any of our clients.
  • Attaching the API can get you some monetary benefits. For example, Uber gives $5 credit for the new user through its API.
  • Retailer shops and startups can solve an additional problem for its customers by getting them a taxi with so much ease. For example, a customer is visiting your shop and finally looks to book a taxi. With our API in your store app, the customer can book a taxi without even typing any location. Customers can also get additional benefits.
  • API service integrated with social media apps will be more effective. Not to mention the total social media usage.

Integrating SpotnRides API into your app

First, go through the documentation and choose which one is apt to you. Because not all API documentation is used for booking a taxi. Some others are also used for other purposes like billing, accounts, payment, commission, user management, etc

Be clear about the platforms like iOS and Android for which you are going to integrate the API.

Partner with any of our existing taxi app users for service.

Customizations and design changes like placing the taxi booking button and address, etc can be done by our developer’s team.

Examples of apps that use APIs

Hotstar: Hotstar is a live video streaming app used by millions of users globally. They have Swiggy-food ordering app API in place. So, the users can order food anytime while using the Hotstar app without any interruptions. Swiggy and Hotstart, both benefited from this.

Bravo: This app makes it easy to send payments to user’s favorite host, waitress, bartender or musician at the restaurant, bar or club they are going to or on your way home. This app has Uber trip experience API in it. So, the customers can get access to Bravo app while traveling in Uber taxi.

Starbucks: Starbucks is a coffee chain in the US and many other countries. A customer enjoying beverages at Starbucks can book a ride with just a click from the Starbucks app effortlessly.

Finally, do you really add value by using our SpotnRides API?

First, have a clear idea about your business and do market research whether you really need a third-party taxi API. Type of customers for your business/startup decides the need for a taxi API.

We as a maker of SpotnRides API have rich experience on on-demand taxi app development. So, you need not worry about the integration of our API with your app. 

Since our API is used for other purposes other than taxi booking, you can discuss with our team to know our API’s relevance. If your startup requires any of the following functions like trip experience, payments, commission management, user management, billing, etc, you can use our SpotnRides API.

Our existing app users can also contact us for the API which we hope will be of much use to your taxi startup.

Please contact us on [email protected] to discuss the applications of our API and also regarding integration, features, and design. 

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