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Hire a Handyman with Ease at Uber for On-Demand Handyman Services App

A handyman is a person who is skilled in doing various or a particular job mostly in homes. Typically most handyman work as electricians and plumbers. Many people who don’t have a good education can take up this job and earn.

uber for handyman services app

Handyman jobs are similar to do-it-yourself tasks. Those who want to earn money in their extra time and make use of your do-it-yourself skills can give a try in handyman jobs. These jobs are paid on an hourly basis. So irrespective of the work done, the pay is constant.

Market demand for  On-Demand Handyman Services:

House maintenance covers the majority of handyman services. 65% of Americans own homes and most of them outsource the activities to on-demand handyman services. People pay an average of $75 per hour for handyman service.

By the end of 2019, it is expected to generate a revenue of $11 billion. The demographic dividend in countries like China, Japan, Australia, is getting older, so for house maintenance/repair people tend to outsource the activities. The market for handyman services is good in the above countries. So, creating an on-demand app based handyman services has great potential.

Some of the handyman jobs

  • Carpentry
  • Ceiling repair
  • Ceramic tile repair
  • Cleaning
  • Electrical wiring
  • Lawn care
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Window installation
  • Window repair
  • Window screens

Why on-demand handyman app startup?

Many people who provide handyman services are not getting proper visibility. Because of this, users are not able to reach out to the handyman service persons at the right time. This affects both the user and the service provider despite the demand.

This can be eliminated with the online handyman booking app similar to Uber.  Handyman service providers can upload the details of the service in the app. Now it is easy for the users to search for the required service on the app based on rate, availability and schedule a service with just a click. Payments can be made online.

Entrepreneurs like you who want to make money with little investment can run this app-based handyman booking startup. What you have to do is to advertise the app and get on-board the handyman service providers on the app.

For every service, you charge a commission. This is a win-win situation for every stakeholder.

Get Free Demo of Handyman App – WhatsApp | Skype

Features in the on-demand handyman booking app

This app solution comprises of the customer app, handyman service provider app, and admin web panel.

  • Handyman profile viewing
  • Search by specialist
  • Book and cancel the appointment
  • Geolocation
  • Advanced admin dashboard

These are just a glimpse of the features in this app. Each app and web panel has a set of features.

Some points I have to mention about the pros of handyman services:

  • Eliminate the costs associated with finding, hiring, administering and managing your own maintenance staffs
  • Outsourcing can help control and predict costs
  • Shift the management & liability to a knowledgeable outsourcing firm
  • Eliminate costs associated with procurement, maintenance, inventory, equipment, and supplies
  • Get expert assistance when planning larger, more complex projects
  • Get service when you need it and not pay for what you don’t need

People who have good networking skills and can make a lot of freelancing handyman on-board a single platform can engage in this on-demand business.

How to run a successful on-demand Handyman app business?

Background check for the service providers

Before admitting anyone, do a thorough background check and issue a verified ID. This improves trust among users.

Do something extra for clients:

One should not overlook the small suggestions given by the clients. Go the extra mile for the clients to earn confidence. The way you work with a flow means a lot to the clients. 

Charging appropriately:

Consider some of the factors like time, skill, the magnitude of work, expenses, etc to determine the fee to be charged from the clients.

Improve competency:

You can also provide training services to improve the competency of handyman persons.

How we can help you with the handyman booking app solution?

If you are ready to launch this on-demand handyman app startup, then we can help you with a readymade app solution for both iOS and Android. SpotnRides is our app solution specially designed for on-demand based handyman service.

In our solution, both the customer app, service provider app, and the admin web panel is made with eye-catching design and user-friendly interface. We have a skilled development team who work with different languages and can customize the app to whatever shape asked by the clients.

We deploy the solution seamlessly and you can start the service right away. Post-sale assistance is also provided without any cost for some time. 

To know more about the app features and working, send an email to [email protected]. You can also request a live demo of our handyman app. We are eager to partner with you.      

Get Free Demo of Handyman App – WhatsApp | Skype

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