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At present, we are able to book a taxi, order food, get a person for running errands, handyman for work, tutor for our child, and many more things anytime and anywhere. These works are done using mobile apps with just a tap. This model of using an app for everything was first introduced by Uber to book taxis. Since then, this model a.k.a on-demand model is replicated in other relevant areas to ease people’s work.

Similar to these apps, we now have an app for staffing purposes. This mobile app is used to connect skilled people with temporary daily/hourly jobs. Temporary jobs can be from a registered company or individuals. The type of temporary jobs ranges from semi-skilled jobs like driving, sorting, etc to high skilled jobs like programming, recruiting, managing, etc.

In the current scenario, it is impossible for companies and individuals to recruit a skilled person for full time because of financial issues. So, it is sensible to hire a person on an hourly basis temporarily for a job. This saves time and money.  

How does the on-demand staffing app works?

  • Freelancers, highly skilled and semi-skilled people list their name and other details like skill, experience, hourly/daily rate, etc in the on-demand staffing app.
  • Companies which needs a person for a particular hourly/daily job profile can search for it in the app and select the right available person and contact him.
  • The admin of the on-demand staffing startup gets some percentage of commission for every staffing is assigned either from provider or seeker.

This also works the other way round.

Companies and individuals can post the requirement for daily/hourly jobs on the app. Job seekers can search for a suitable profile and give a request in the app.

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Looking for a new startup idea?

If you are looking to launch an interesting and entirely new on-demand startup can try the on-demand staffing startup. You are the admin and oversee all the staffing works from the admin web panel. For every staffing work, you get some percentage as a fee. What you have to do is to develop an app solution for staffing purposes. This app solution consists of the job seeker app, requestor app who create job opportunities, and the admin web panel.

Scope of the on-demand staffing business

  • Staffing works are so far done by third party companies and they follow manual staff selection methods. Obviously, this process takes a lot of time and the chance of getting an apt person is minimal. So, this field needs innovation and I hope on-demand staffing is the answer to it.
  • For job seekers, this has got a lot of benefits because 49% of the people who got temporary jobs through staffing say this is an easy way to get permanent jobs. 9 out of 10 people feel it makes them more employable. 
  • On-demand model is known for its scalability and flexibility. So, on-demand staffing can be a huge success if properly scaled to different regions. Many tech startups are blooming across the globe and they have many highly skilled temporary jobs which have huge potential to be converted as permanent jobs.       
  • This app can solve the problem faced by businesses and skilled job seekers within a matter of minutes. This app also solves another problem by matching the skill sets of people with the right place having specific skill demand.
  • The staffing app can help connect people with temporary blue collar and white collar jobs. 

Wonolo app

Wonolo is the first app-based staffing platform from the US. This app fulfills the immediate job requirement of registered companies and individuals. $53 million funding is got by Wonolo.   

Wonolo lists temporary jobs that is not limited to any specific industry. Diverse jobs like warehouse operations, delivery drivers, merchandising, event staff, and administrative tasks are present. The USP of this app is the ease with which the job seeker and provider can get benefitted. 

One need not give a resume, attend interviews to get a job here and also the payment is made swiftly.

Final say

I hope you now have a brief idea about on-demand staffing. If you think this is the type of startup you want to launch then you have made a good decision. First thing you should do now is to develop the app solution. To ease your work we have already developed and readily have a on-demand staffing app solution as a minimum viable product – SpotnRides.

SpotnRides staffing app solution is flexible and can be customized to your needs and requirements. We will give the complete source code of our pre built app to you so that you are free to alter the app anytime. 

Our team developed and designed the solution by keeping in mind the Wonolo app. So, the SpotnRides staffing app is very much similar to Wonolo.

For more details on the features, designs, and codes, drop us a message to [email protected]. We are happy and looking forward to partner with you and support your staffing app startup.

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