A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Taxi Dispatch Software for your Fleet Management Business

The first question that might have come to your mind after starting an on-demand taxi business is the fleet management system. To efficiently and effectively run the taxi business you should have a good hold on your taxi fleet i.e. managing the fleet cost, maintenance, dispatch, repair, performance assessment, security etc.

Already the market is flooded with taxi dispatch software. A lot of companies are into the making of the fleet management system. Each company’s software has features that may or may not be useful for everyone. So, it is imperative to choose the right taxi dispatch software for your business. For example, some fleet management software may not be able to handle the number of vehicles used.

Before Choosing the Right Taxi Dispatch Software You Have to do Some Work for Yourself

Business type and objective

Business type in the sense – different companies have different requirements and even the same type of companies have different requirements. The solution for the logistics company is different from a taxi company.

Even in the taxi business, Uber and Ola have none of the cabs on their own, still, they use taxi dispatch system to assess the movement of drivers. Some other taxi businesses have their own fleet of cabs and they will be in dire need of a fleet management software.

Background research

Do background research about your business market and your firm. Ask yourself “Do we really need a fleet management software?”, “ Will our business improve with a fleet management solution?” If the answer is YES, then move ahead.

Identify key features

Depending upon your business requirements, select features that deliver the necessary results. The more specific, the better. Once you are able to pick the right features your business requires, it will narrow down your search for the right solution.

After following the above process now follow the below steps to choose the right taxi software solution

Cost: You must be very much aware of the cost from start to finish. A good focus on the company goals, objectives and the capital you are investing in. Some companies may not include the hardware cost associated with the solution. Hardware in the sense, Internet of Things combined with the taxi dispatch solution. With the hardware, it is possible to measure tire pressure, engine temperature, fuel meter etc on a real-time basis. The cost of the solution also depend on the taxi fleet size.

Performance: Ask for a demo to assess the performance of the solution. A good taxi dispatch solution should give all the details of your fleet from operations to efficiency. You should be able to witness the usage of the taxi, the safety of the driving and managing your fleet.

Easy of control: In other words, the software solution should be user-friendly. Being able to manage your system easily is a fundamental aspect of any choice you make. There is no use having a solution that you cannot get hold of, as it will just make life much more stressful in the long run. So, choose one that doesn’t require constant updates if this is an area you are unfamiliar with.

Real-time solution: The solution should offer real-time solutions that would integrate other systems where some of the tasks like purchasing, payroll generation will be done with such ease.

Easy customization: Not all features are required all the time. The software solution may be designed for the entire fleet but in some rare cases, full capacity will not be utilized. In such cases, the solution should be easily customized. It should allow customizing the workflow and would be better if allowed to customize the front end, which is the end-user screen.

SpotnRides has a state of the art taxi dispatch software that is easily customizable and scalable. Our solution has changed taxi businesses and many entrepreneurs have gained out of it. Our technology significantly reduces fleet costs through tracking and controlling of your vehicles and drivers, so you can always be confident since your assets are in the right hands.

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