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4 Major Benefits of Having an Uber-like Towing App for Roadside Assistance Business Owners

Today, you can get roadside assistance when you need it with the help of an Uber for tow trucks app. But what is the Uber for tow trucks app? As these apps continue to grow in popularity and gain traction with consumers, businesses are also looking for better ways of increasing efficiency. 

Leading companies like AAA have already taken advantage of these apps by partnering up with them. So it should come as no surprise that tow truck companies are now getting on board and creating their own app that helps simplify everything from tracking down customers to making sure drivers are properly equipped prior to break-ins. 

Here is your ultimate guide on how Uber for tow trucks can be the best app for your business.

Quick Brief about Tow Truck App

The person in need of a tow truck is already in a bad situation, so helping their situation makes sense. Their inconveniences can be resolved quickly enough with the use of a platform and the help of an advisor.

The Tow truck app offers advanced technology that allows towing businesses to offer online services. With a few taps, customers can have the services they need. On top of that, they offer intuitive tools to support customers and make your business processes easier. They provide businesses with all the capabilities to work to their full extent, which helps them reach new heights.

Let’s see in-depth how an app like this can help your business when it comes to managing your customers & roadside assistance through the use of virtual assistant technology.

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How does It help with Roadside Assistance?

A tow truck app like uber is a new way to get roadside assistance in real-time. Drivers using a GPS-based app can keep their eyes on the road and still be earning while they are on the job. Uber for tow trucks will offer a better, easier, and more convenient way to have roadside assistance. 

The app allows people to book a roadside assistance service and get help just when they need it. Also, it avoids the hassle of having to find pay-handlers or rely on other drivers to do the work for them. 

There are still two to three billion people without access to roadside help. The number varies widely across the globe. For example, for every person in the United States, there are about 10 people without any form of emergency roadside assistance. 

With a towing app like uber, people will be able to request a tow truck within a one-mile radius of their location and have the service dispatched in less than 20 seconds.

Let’s have a rundown on the benefits of working with a renowned company like SpotnRides when it comes to creating a functional tow truck app.

Existing Features in the Industry Vs SpotnRides Exclusive Features

SpotnRides is a leading tow truck app development company. We specialize in building reliable, affordable, honest, and innovative tow truck apps. Our team of developers understands the basic materials and processes needed to create a success story at affordable prices.

Here are a few things you should know about our tow truck service app so you choose wisely next time when picking the perfect app.

  1. Existing Tow Truck Service App Features in the Industry 
  • User Info

Users can enter their names, phone numbers, and addresses so tow truck drivers can easily identify them.

  • Payment Methods

The app provides several payment methods for users to make the payment process easier.

  • Push Notifications

It keeps users updated about the status of their vehicle during transportation. Also, it is useful for sending informative messages to users about your business.

  • Request for Towing

This feature allows users to request a tow truck when they find themselves in an emergency situation like an accident or breakdown in a remote area. Users can also share the details of their vehicles like license plate number, make and model, etc., using this feature.

Along with these existing features, there are lots of features included with SpotnRides tow truck app like uber to help you run your business better, including the most up-to-date features on the market. Let’s take a look at those!

  1. Exclusive Features that come up with SpotnRides 

SpotnRides tow truck service app offers a unique, one-of-a-kind experience to its users. The app has a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for the drivers to find the nearest tow truck and schedule their requests.

SpotnRides has features that are not found in any other apps available in the industry. Some of these features include:

  • Location-based routing – The app uses GPS mapping technology to give drivers accurate information about where the nearest tow truck is located. This makes it easy for drivers to find their way around and avoid getting lost while on the route. 
  • Driver Scheduling – Drivers can quickly manage their work schedules through the Driver scheduling feature. With this, they can make changes on the spot, no longer have to rely on paper schedules. 
  • Driver Location Tracking – The driver location tracking feature works by using GPS and cellular data to track the location of the driver. This is useful for monitoring their whereabouts, ensuring that they are never stranded, and can be used for other safety reasons. 

Using GPS tracking admin can monitor the drivers and ensure whether they are on time for their service. Furthermore, this is helpful for keeping an eye on driving habits, such as speeding, using a phone while driving, idling, etc.

  • Automatic payment – The app automatically takes care of all the payment-related details like submitting receipts and calculating taxes for you. All you need to do is enter your card information and the charge will be billed. 
  • Super-simple interface – It has an easy-to-navigate interface that is designed for drivers to find the most relevant information in a matter of seconds. 
  • 24/7 customer support – If a driver has any questions or concerns while on the route, they can contact the support team at any time of day via the app. 

Let’s wrap up the blog with 4 great ways to utilize our SpotnRides tow truck service app for your roadside assistance business.

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Top 4 Benefits of SpotnRides Tow Truck App That Can Make Your Brand Stand out in the Roadside Assistance Industry

The Uber-like towing app from SpotnRides can be an effective marketing tool for your company. It has four top-notch benefits that make it stand out among other brands in this industry. Here are some of the benefits: 

1) It Increases Productivity 

The efficiency of all tasks related to your roadside assistance business is crucial for your success. Paperwork, dispatching, and communication take a lot of time and effort. With our tow truck service app, you can automate many processes and save that time for other essential things.

2) Less Work for Your Drivers

By utilizing the app, drivers do not have to spend their time on the manual work log entry. Drivers will know how many hours they will be working each week and when they will work. This means less work of a higher quality.

3) Track Your Business’s Performance

The Key Metrics dashboard allows you to see key metrics like weekly and monthly revenue. Also, it provides a few other key information that is vital to the success of your company.

4) Offers 24/7 Service

The app allows you to provide reliable roadside assistance at any time of the day. Hence, it acts as a customer retention tool for your business.  

These features and benefits from SpotnRides towing app like uber will make it easier to reach potential customers of your towing business. You will be able to manage roadside assistance operations in an advanced manner.

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