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Commuting has become an integral part of our busy schedule. Every day in our daily life, we spend a few hours in a taxi or look for a taxi. For people who belonged to the metropolises, traveling in a taxi was not so affordable and available down the alley a few years. Only with the emergence of companies like Uber can an ordinary man now dream of renting a luxury taxi.

The rise of taxi shipping companies is nothing but a modern marvel. It is the commitment and dedication of these companies that make the world a better place. By investing billions of dollars in research and development, they have succeeded in bringing a better product to market.

Why SpotnRides Taxi Dispatch Software?

SpotnRides is a powerful taxi dispatch and fleet management system that helps your dispatcher to dispatch orders to drivers or vehicles as economically as possible. No matter if a taxi, rental car, tow truck, limousine service, laundry, maid, courier or rescue service. Our software can be customized with any kind of dispatch solution. SpotnRides has been rated as a very comprehensive, customizable and excellent software that has beaten other existing vehicle rental software. SpotnRides have been helpful to many clients across the world to take their business to the next level by using our taxi app solutions.

What makes SpotnRides unique?

Aside from all the essential features, each taxi dispatch software has unique functionality that sets it apart from the others. As there is a growing demand for quality software and fierce competition in the market, it is very important to know a product feature by feature before making a purchase. Also, very few know that a taxi booking app comprises of three mobile applications: driver app, customer app, and admin app. Each app has its own set of unique features.

Our product features,

  • Panic button for the rider in case of any emergency
  • Heat maps for the driver to identify the places where more people are there so that he can get more rides.
  • Route optimization helps the driver to take the most efficient routes possible.
  • Real-time Reporting with Google maps aid the admin in tracking the location of drivers instantly
  • Rich Interface: The responsive user interface provides the best customer experience a person in a rental car system could look for.
  • 100% customizable: Both App and Backend Panel is fully customizable and easy to use.
  • Easy to track: Both the admin and the driver can track the taxi with the tracking code.
  • Easy-to-Access Dashboard: The dashboard is laid out and works efficiently and error-free, allowing the administrator to easily update the app.
  • Supports multilingualism for global use.
  • Auto Fare estimation and calculation
  • Messaging option supported
  • Travel cashless with SpotnRides
  • Schedule booking

What else could have been added?

Every software has to be optimized over time. A constant change and adaptation to new features increase the scalability of the software. Although SpotnRides is one of its kind software, there are certain features that are missing and can be added based on the customer’s expectations.

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