Why Uber for X Startups Fail: Top 6 Actionable Advices to Overcome Them

The Uber for x is a strong online-based business model, which disrupts the industry chains with various possible options to uplift the service in the current market. It gives equal credits to both the enterprises and entrepreneurs to create online platforms that can connect service providers with the customers timely.

Though the Uber for X model is an inspiring business opportunity for startup entrepreneurs to give a successful service to their users. Still, few of the Uber for X business models showed their failure stories in the on-demand space. By knowing those fatal problems, the startup owners can recover from their mistakes at the starting period itself. 

In this article, we have listed a few of the failures of Uber for X startup models and how to overcome those issues with the right solution. 

Failure Uber for X Startup Services: Fatal of Getting Down in the Market 

Errand Runners (Exec) – It provides multi-service errand runners to their uses, where the users can get any kind of jobs accomplished in a short span of time. 

  • Due to the lack of errand runners during the weekends, which alternate the employees to serve the customers and the service are more costly.
  • Unit economics went wrong, during the service the errand runners are paid $25/hours, which is 80% of the service and most of the transactions are messed up with low security.

Eyeglasses for Women (Rivet & Sway) – It is an eyeglasses sale for women who were looking for stylish and fashionable eyeglasses in the market. 

  • Lack of service productivity, women keep trying a set of frames and return it back if they are not fulfilled with the service. This brought shipping expenses for back and forth of shipping.
  • Poor visibility among the market and aren’t able to withstand among the competitors in the market. 

Tutors on Various Subjects (Tutorspree) – Gives vast tutoring services for the students or people who are in need of a tutoring service at their doorstep. 

  • It depends on the single-channel only, which brought the difficulties to bring new customers to the service. 
  • Inability to scale up the services with the existing solution, that makes the huge difficult for the entrepreneur to expand their service. 

Overcoming these issues requires a well-developed Uber for X model for the entrepreneur. One such app solution is provided by our developers at SpotnRides. 

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SpotnRides Top 6 Actionable Advice to Overcome It

  1. Appointing productive service providers or errand runners via the app is the preliminary thing. Thereby, they can easily fulfill the customer’s expectations on time, which also makes you fruitful your service on a regular basis. 
  2. Get or integrate the best payment transaction feature to trace the service payments on each booking that place in your app solution. This neglects the mismatching of the payment transactions and builds trust among the users.
  3. Listing out the services in detail allows the users to know about the service clearly without any second choices and implementing the service support system will make their queries cleared timely. This improves the revenue and reduces service cancelation.
  4. By providing multiple promo codes, offers and discounts can bring existing & new users into the service. This may help you as a business person to keep your users active with the service.
  5. Allowing your users to use different channels can bring visibility to the market and you can easily reduce the issues of getting fame in the market.
  6. Developing or getting the customizable app solution can increase the scalability of the service and you can customize the service at any time according to the market trends in the upcoming days. 

These are the advice from our experts to overcome the challenges that startups face and get failed in the market. In SpotnRides, a ready-to-go Uber clone app, we provide the best features to make the entrepreneur’s work simpler and make the service long run with high revenue earning opportunities. Check out those features that seamline the challenges easily in the upcoming section. 

Key Features to Make your Uber for X Model Successful in 2021

  • Flexible Service Optimization – The service providers are able to enable their profile active status according to their flexibility. This helps them to work for the fixed hours according to their free time and the service can be improved with active runners.
  • Transparent Payment Transaction – This feature helps you to monitor the payments that take place in your app service timely. You can also make the commission fare deputing automatic for reducing the mismatch of the transactions. 
  • Unlimited Service Listing – Your service providers can list out all their service skills and make their profile clear to the users. This helps them to choose the right service during their required period. 
  • In-box Offers and Discounts Updates – The service providers can update their service offers and discounts through the in-app. The updated offers and discounts will be directly sent to each user. This reduces missing opportunities and generates visibility in the market. 
  • Social Media Integration – Today, most people have seen social media and everyone is active in it. Capturing the users has made it easy with this feature and the users are able to share their experience on their social media wall. This increases brand awareness. 


Learning from the failed startups in the market will help the startup to build the best service for a better outcome in this competitive market. We SpotnRides build one such Uber for X business model with all possible metrics to ensure the business’s long run in the current market and allows you as an entrepreneur to generate high profit. 

Let us know your business model or idea of your dream venture, by dropping a mail at [email protected]. Our experts will guide you to bring your dream venture into reality with an appropriate app-based solution.

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