Why SpotnRides is a Favorite for On-Demand Taxi Business Startups and How We are Getting Ready for 2020?

Believe it or not, taxi booking app is the most preferred and successful on-demand business service. The degree of convenience it offers is unparalleled. With the ubiquity of smartphones, it is only a matter of minutes to get a cab from anywhere. So for the next fifteen years there is not much worry about the prospects of the taxi app startups. Having said that, if you have the slightest idea to own an on-demand taxi booking startup like Uber, stick to it and start working to conceive it.

SpotnRides On Demand Taxi App Solution 

The first step you have to do is to get the optimal taxi app solution. Unlike other apps, an on-demand taxi app solution comprises of the customer app, driver app, and the admin web panel. Each of these should be perfect and so focus on partnering with the right team. 

I am glad that SpotnRides taxi booking app will be a better solution for you. And I have reasons to say so. Starting from Artificial intelligence, blockchain to driverless cars and eco car, we have made big plans for our taxi booking app. SpotnRides app is a perfect match for what you would expect in a 2020 taxi app.

Before digging into it I will explain,

Why SpotnRides Taxi App Solution is a Favorite for Many Entrepreneurs and Enterprises?

Since we have incorporated some of the latest advances in app development into our taxi app building process, we are preferred more than an above average on-demand app development firm.

Simplicity in design

Steve Jobs once quoted, “Design is not just how it feels and looks, design is how it works”. True to his statement we have designed SpotnRides to be foolproof which gives an immersive experience to its users. The navigation is simple, interface is simple yet sophisticated with features. 

Cross platform coverage

You know the two popular mobile platforms. To reduce the cost of building and customization, we use modern cross platform development frameworks for both hybrid and native app development. 

Focus on business driven solutions

At the end of the day any app solution should satisfy the ultimate business goal. And the SpotnRides taxi app does it efficiently and effectively. Be it in terms of scalability or design change, everything is effortless. Our team also takes the responsibility of further changes to be made in the app solution over time. This we do even though full source code is with you.

Collaborative culture

Another one aspect that is liked in us is the collaborative culture we follow. Right from the start we indulge with the clients with frequent updates and ideas. We draw on the client’s experience and creativity to the table.

Proven track record

Not to mention that we have partnered with big enterprises and small entrepreneurs to deliver on-demand taxi booking app. The experience we have with bootstrapping startups and big firms help us to find a way to fit in your requirements.

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How SpotnRides is making big plans for future?

Not only do we present a perfect app solution, but also help our clients be future ready. What awaits for the on-demand taxi app market in the future is yet to be identified but there are clues from the industry leader Uber as to what it would be like. 

It can be asserted that driverless cars, virtual reality based traffic recognition, eco-car, etc are on the anvil. Not big but at least we have made changes in the admin panel and the driver app to accommodate eco cars like in the Uber app. 

The GPRS system in one or two years will become impressive with one metre accuracy. So the latest Google API will be incorporated as and when it comes to market.

We also added a feature to add drop points along the route so that the user can pick anyone on the way. Debit/credit card integration in the app automatically debits money from the card after the ride is over. And this option is optional. Like how Uber has UberPool and UberX, some other options like UberBlack, UberSUV, UberLine, LyftPlus, etc are added to SpotnRides.

Customer support is crucial for the on-demand taxi. With a lot of deliberations our team has added the following options as customer support. E-mail, in-app support, website support, and critical response line. 

Final say!

The features I explained above are optional and added to the app only on request. Some more are also on the anvil. Our team is working tirelessly to enhance the performance framework of the app solution. 

Quality assurance and testing are carried after every step to ensure that the solution is flawless. Quickly join hands with us to launch a blockbuster taxi booking app that is future ready. We at SpotnRides have big plans in 2020 only for clients who join us within 2019. Also, some perks and discounts on the solution cost is reserved for immediate collaborators. 

Get in touch with us on [email protected]. We are looking forward to you. Hope you grab the mesmerizing deals we offer. Talk with our executives and have a live demo of the taxi app.

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I am working as a Senior product developer and have developed and delivered Web and Mobile products for numerous clients.

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