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Why Should Your Delivery Business Need a Delivery Route Planner Software More Effective Than Google Map?

Finding new paths to the destination we want to go to does not always take time. Technology advancements make this task easier than ever before. For example, Google map is the paradigm for such technological advancement in navigation systems. 

At present, Google Maps has 67% of the navigation app market. Meanwhile, Apple Maps dominates only 11% of the market. 

But, it is not the perfect solution for delivery-based businesses. In particular, optimizing the last-mile delivery needs an operative tech solution like delivery route planning software. Through this blog, you can check in which manner a route planner software is more effective than Google Maps. 

Why is Route Planning Critical for Delivery Businesses?

Before comparing Google Map and a custom-deliver route planning software, let’s read a topic on the importance of route planning for a delivery-based business. 

The priority for the last-mile delivery process has been increasing in recent years since the advent of e-commerce and q-commerce. Retail businesses compete in the market by enabling single-day delivery, one-hour delivery, and so on. 

The last-mile delivery is a crucial part of the courier business also. In such a business, the delivery person should drop off multiple parcels in various locations. It made their day hard to complete their target or deliver all the packages. 

Hard to locate the drop-off location, find the best route to reach the destination, and hardships in navigating the drop-off location, unexpected roadblocks, and traffic are the main challenges that are faced by a delivery person while drop-shipping packages. These all difficulties can be rectified by proper route planning. 

A perfect route planning is to conjugate as many drop-off locations as possible in a single trip. Along with this, predicting the challenges to complete the trip and preparing for mitigating them is also included in route planning. For example, by using the weather forecasting report, a delivery person can prepare for heavy rainfall or any other in advance to ensure timely and safe delivery. This route planning process will be easy with a tech solution.

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Delivery Route Planning Software: How Does it Differ From Google Map?

Most of us use navigating systems on our devices like mobile, tab, or smart wearables to find and navigate a place. The same process has been followed by many delivery services to find the drop-off location. 

But, they have to enter the destination every time after completion of delivery. In this process, proper route planning couldn’t take place. 

Few delivery persons with gearhead may utilize advanced features like adding multiple destinations in the Google Map to ensure effective route planning. Compared to navigating each drop-off location separately, adding multiple destinations will help the delivery person to improve their route planning. But it is time-consuming as it is a manual process. 

Despite Google allowing entering ten destinations at a time, it doesn’t suggest the best route that connects all of the destinations. Users have to rearrange the destinations to get the optimum route. Besides this, by chance of error, if they came out from the directions page, they need to enter each location from the first step. That’s why it is a time-consuming method.

On another hand, a Delivery Route Planning Software can easily add destinations through import and export addresses. The software can suggest an optimum route that effectively connects all the drop-off locations. So, it takes only a few minutes to find the best path. Besides this, it can connect delivery persons and the admin through the in-app communication system. 

When a business uses a delivery planner software instead of a free navigating system like Google Map, they can monitor the real-time location of delivery persons. By having unique features like these, a Delivery Route Planning Software can optimize your delivery-based business more effectively than Google Maps, a free navigational system. 

How Does a Route Planner Software Optimize Delivery Process?

Usually, a typical delivery route planner helps delivery persons to reach their destinations simply and also helps the entrepreneurs to streamline and automate the delivery process. In this part, you can check how it helps businesses to optimize their delivery process.

To do that, the delivery planner software has two interfaces they are,

Delivery Person App – It is a dedicated mobile delivery planner management application to help delivery executives to find the best routes. They can log in to the application within a few steps and access the numerous tools to optimize their delivery route. 

  • With the application, they can deliver multiple packages in a single trip. 
  • The app also can suggest alternative paths to reach the destination if there are any barriers to the current path. 
  • Real-time traffic data insights can help the delivery executives to avoid time delays due to traffic. 
  • The integration of weather forecasting reports with the application can aid the executives to ensure safe delivery. 
  • They can connect with the admin anytime during the delivery process with the in-app communication facility.

Admin App – An application with custom features like smart login, managing delivery person data, cash flow through the application, monitoring the live location of the delivery persons, and others help the entrepreneurs to streamline the delivery process as the admin. 

  • The admin can also ensure timely delivery with a digital proof of delivery and signature/photo capture by the delivery executive with the delivery persons’ app.
  • By collecting driver and/or customer feedback and processing the data, the admin can optimize their business flow.
  • Custom integrations with other programs/apps make sure the ease of the business flow.
  • The admin can intimate any important announcements to the drivers with a notification facility.
  • The admin can access any helpful and professional data to do the delivery and fleet analysis. 

Concisely, a delivery planner software can help entrepreneurs like you manage in-home delivery services or aggregator model delivery services. Last but not least, let’s take a look into the use cases of delivery route planning software. 

Explore the Use Cases of a Delivery Planner Software

Reading use cases will help to explore the real-time uses of a solution. It also stimulates new innovative business ideas with the tech solution. Now let’s check the use cases of delivery planner software.

  • Food Delivery Business – The delivery planner software can help you to establish and manage a food delivery business like Uber Eats and others. With this tech support, your delivery executives can reach the appetite of customers at the right time. 
  • Online Grocery Delivery Business – It is one of the on-demand business models that makes entrepreneurs profitable in recent days. You can also establish and manage such a business with delivery route planning software.
  • Reverse Logistics –The delivery route planner software can be used to support reverse logistics in your transport and logistics business. 
  • Medicine Delivery Business- Delivering medicine with the help of digital prescriptions can also be done on time with delivery planner software. 
  • E-commerce – The delivery route planning software can also empower the last-mile delivery of an e-commerce business. 

In addition to this, the software will be useful for any business in the on-demand industry, e-commerce, and q-commerce industry. In simple words, if you are providing delivery service regardless of your business type, you need delivery planner software to improve your business. 

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Summing Up

A delivery route planning software is more than a navigating system like Google Map. It can help you to improvise your delivery process and complete all the delivery on time. But such effective software must have a seamless workflow. 

So that should be developed by a top-rated app and software development company. SpotnRides has been providing the best delivery route planning software solution for businesses for years. So, you can get a gainful delivery planner management app and software from us that can ensure productivity.

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