Why Do you Need SpotnRides Taxi App Clone for your New Taxi Startup like Lyft?

At present, there cannot be a better startup idea than a comprehensive app-based taxi booking model like Uber or Lyft. The no. of people who are enthusiastic about buying a new car is shrinking mainly because of its cost; also there is no relief from fuel prices; mandatory safety norms by govt have substantially increased vehicle cost. Electric vehicles are in the nascent stage and there is no proper infrastructure as of now.

So by any means, people choose cost-effective options like online taxi booking. Why search for other options when you can get a car at your doorstep with a tap on your phone? It is estimated that by 2025, 25 million people will use online taxi booking app for their daily work.

To make your entrepreneurship endeavor more successful, it is imperative to select the type of app solution to be used.

How SpotnRides Taxi App Clone Suits Well for Your Lyft Like Taxi Startup?

SpotnRides Taxi Booking App setup like Lyft/Uber

A readymade software setup for your taxi startup is highly recommended. SpotnRides is one of the makers of such software with top-notch proficiency in the latest tools and technologies. We offer a taxi clone of Lyft/Uber so as to make your taxi booking model very much on the lines of top apps. 

Using taxi app clones like Uber from SpotnRides you can achieve what it takes to do in years when a self-made solution is used.     

Now we will see what an app clone can give you with detailed insights.

What it is like to have Uber taxi clone for your startup?

Return on investment

Building a custom taxi software from nothing is a bit pricey and may take too long to achieve the desired result; custom solutions cannot be made perfect in one go; many iterations of revisions are necessary. Also, for medium and small taxi startups with no strong investment backup, the return on investment tends to be negative; when upgradation and scaling cost is included, the ROI is even worse.

Payment gateways and third-party APIs must be regularly revamped or newly added so as to make the taxi solution relevant; such activities may not fit with the solution when under frequent revision.

You will get the best ROI when Uber clone is used. Since the taxi setup is tried and tested multiple times, there is less need to revise and this cuts the cost drastically. Instead, your focus can be narrowed towards the startup function, innovation, and new technology addition. 

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Consolidating Lyft, Uber and other top apps  

Lyft, Uber, Didi, Ola, and Grab are taxi booking startups and the ones you aspire to be one day. Each of them may look the same in many aspects but they show minute variations in design, performance, interface, usability, etc; each has a USP for sure.

We at SpotnRides work intensely to consolidate the variations in these apps and put into our clone solution. So your taxi startups reach a certain standard even before it is fully functional.

Reliability and uniqueness

Even if what you are using is a pre-built solution, it is flexible and can be modified anytime. The technology stack used for the Uber clone is like a modular package where anything can be replaced with a new one without affecting the core solution. 

New processes and technologies need to be incorporated whenever a new trend emerges and Uber clone provides the space to do that effortlessly. 

The working of a taxi booking startup may be the same for all but there must be one factor that differentiates you from the rest; SpotnRides solution enables to make such differentiation.

Well built with little to no flaws

Be it in design, database or user interface, everything is planned, developed, and revised multiple times in Uber clone. Hence, the chances of technical glitches are null. 

Generally, you will have to beta test the taxi app for a specific set of users to find the actual working. This process is recommended by SpotnRides for Uber clone, not to find flaws in the basic solution but to assess the reception for newly implemented ideas and features.

Each on-demand taxi app startups desire to function in a specific way, for example, in some cases the startup doesn’t want its driver-partner to know the passenger details, like this there are a few conditions. Such conditions are seamlessly absorbed in the Uber clone solution without making it vulnerable.

Long term support and maintenance

If you choose off-the-shelf software like Uber clone, the possibility of getting good support and long-term maintenance increases. This is because the software maker needs to sustain a reputation in order to survive the market. Also the quality of assistance will be of utmost standard to maintain relationships.

In SpotnRides also we believe in long term commitment to clients. Since we are in touch with major taxi app startups across the world, new trends, advances and their relevance are quick to reach us.

SpotnRides gives full source code of the setup without any encryption, hence after-sale assistance by us will be done under your supervision. 

Final words!

Clearly the pros of using Uber clone outweigh the cons, hence it is prudent to use it for your startup. SpotnRides Uber clone has a special place in providing solutions for startups. To get more details about SpotnRides, send a message to [email protected]. We are looking forward to be your tech partner!!! 

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