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Why Do You Need a Taxi Booking Mobile App Platform like Curb to Compete in US Market?

Approximately there are 100 million people in the US use taxi booking applications. It is nearly one-third of its population. At the same time, they have multiple choices to choose the best taxi app. 

If you are running a taxi business in the United States, then you have to know the best way to present your business online to your customers with an app. This will make you one of the top competitors of the US ride-hailing service. 

Through this blog, you can get the best way to develop app like curb to make your taxi business lucrative. Let’s find the way.

What Is Curb Taxi App and How Does It Work?

The history of Curb mobility and taxi services starts in 1992 with the development of the first credit card taxi meters and its success. After that, many things changed. Finally, in 2018, the Curb mobility has got many new advancements in taxi booking and payment process. 

Now the firm has been facilitating the taxi owners, riders, and corporate clients with multiple tools and its futuristic features. Top-rated taxi booking application is one of the tools that support the success of the firm. 

Through this app, the customers can avail of a taxi with a tap on the “Pair and Pay” option in the app. To do this, they need to install the Curb app from Playstore or Appstore, and then they can book a taxi after completing the sign-in process. 

But how does the firm make revenue from it?

Like all other aggregators, the Curb also makes revenue by getting a commission on a ride fare that is given by the customers to the drivers.  Along with this, it makes unique revenue sources through advertising with its digital tools like taxi TV.   The business model of Curb has the following segments.

  • Key Partners – Drivers, Corporates, Employees,
  • Primary Activities – Ride-hailing service,
  • Key Resources – Taxis, Drivers, Digital Tools,
  • Value Propositions – Providing high-end taxi services with digital techs and reimagining urban mobility,
  • Channels – Mobile applications, social media, and other advertising units,
  • Cost Structure – Salaries for Employees, the Acquisition cost of new technologies,
  • Revenue Streams – Commission basis, etc.

If you are having a vision like Curb to make advanced tech-friendly taxi services, you can follow or refer to its business model. It is also preferable to make an application like Curb.

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How Will a Taxi Booking App like Curb Help You Compete in US Market?

There is no doubt about the future opportunities in the taxi business in the US. Because people must need taxi services on some occasions like rainy days, faults in their cars, sleepy day to avoid driving and others. These are only perceptions, but the statistics also reiterate the same. 

According to the Allied Market Research statistics, the global taxi market is expected to reach USD 120.89 billion by 2027. When we focusing the opportunities in the U.S market, we can consider the report from Statista, the ride-hailing and taxi revenue is expected to reach USD 96.9 billion in 2025. 

So, if you are running a taxi business or have a plan to develop a business, then it is the right time. But you need to advance your business with a sophisticated tech solution. Developing a mobile application is the best solution for this. You can try to make a taxi booking app like a curb.

Through this, you can ease the taxi booking process for your customers and simplified the process of reaching customers for your taxi drivers. Besides this, you can monetize your taxi marketplace easily.

An app like curb can integrate with other IoT to make the payment process and customer service the best. You can prefer developing an app clone instead of creating a new app for your taxi business.

Why Does Your Taxi Business Need Curb Clone?

App clone is the legal readymade script that looks like another application. The term ‘Curb Clone app’ refers to the app that has the same features and tools as the Curb taxi app. You can also implement your ideas in the app while developing the application. 

But why should you develop a Curb app clone?

Curb is one of the emerging taxi aggregators in the US. As per the official data from the Curb, it contains more than 100,000 drivers in every major metro area in the US.  As per the Growjo report, Curb Mobility is estimated to get an annual revenue of USD 12.6M per annum and its revenue per employee is USD145,000. That means the Curb has been successful in the taxi market. So, you can rely on it app to be cloned for your taxi business. 

Along with this, the Curb is the best viable alternate for Uber, Lyft, and others. Since a maximum of small taxi business owners prefer those two app clones. So, people couldn’t feel fresh with the usual interface of the application. When you develop the curb app clone, people may feel fresh with UI. 

The app has a 4.8 rating on the App Store. So, the customer experience of the application is also high. So, making the curb clone script for your taxi-hailing business is a good choice. 

Get Sophisticated Features with Your Curb Clone from SpotnRides

By developing a Curb clone application, you can manage your drivers, customers, and other business data in a single window. As an admin, you will be informed and change multiple things including fare calculations. However, you can deliver sustainable, future-proof solutions to your customers. 

SpotnRides will be the best place to craft your Curb clone app for your taxi business. We can develop and customize the app clone that will be the perfect fit for your business with the following features.

  • Upfront Pricing Facility – Shows the cost of travel in advance,
  • Online Taxi Booking In Seconds – the facility that your customers need,
  • User-Friendly Interface – improve CX through your app
  • Able to Integrate With Other Tech- Solutions – Futuristic tool to improvise your business,
  • Multiple Payment Facilities and others – These include contactless and cardless payment. 

The above-said features improve your customer segment. In addition to this, there are many dedicated features for drivers and the admin included with this app clone solution from SpotnRides. We have an expert team of developers to develop contemporary app solutions.

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Curb is one of the taxi booking apps that has been emerging in the US taxi market. If you are an entrepreneur in the taxi business, you can create a Curb clone script for your business. 

SpotnRides can develop an advanced app solution for your business. Through this, you can provide seamless service in evolving taxi environment. So, do the smart things to reserve a place in the future taxi market.

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