Top 5 Handyman Apps to Speedup On-demand Handyman Services in 2021

Getting rid of household issues is the ultimate trend recently since many are working people. Spending time on those issues and trying to find the solutions are not viable for those. This brings fame to the handyman services in the market. 

Started on a small scale by Urban Company and now it is regarded as an unavoidable platform for the household peoples. In parallel, handyman services also bring essential fame to the number of handymen in the market and allow them to get a potentially high-revenue. 

According to the IBIS report, the handyman services franchise has a market volume of 5.1 bn USD in 2021 and a corresponding growth rate of 3.8% during the forecast period 2016-2021. 

On the basis of this huge growth rate, the handyman app development is the booking sector in on-demand space that makes the handyman services smarter and speedy. This blog describes such top 5 handyman apps to use in 2021 and how the SpotnRides has a unique place in it. 

Digitize Handyman Services: Bringing Right Handyman at Doorstep

Since the household service professionals available in the market are more, identifying the best player with essential skills is a tedious task for the customers. Handyman App provides you an accurate solution via smart screening options. 

Yes. By encouraging the service professionals to upload their documents digitally, the skills can be easily verified by the handyman service startup owners in the same manner. The sharing of verification reports or the portrait of the skill validation report on the customer side enables the customers to get essential convenience in accessing the service professionals’ selection. 

Once you greet the customers with skillful service professionals, you can easily build the potential customer base to attain sustainability in the home-services industry. The aggregation of such skilled professionals is perfectly done by the impressive model called the handyman app. Let’s move on to the top 5 handyman apps to make the workflows smarter in 2021. 

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5 Handyman Apps Waiting to Speedup Handyman Workflows in 2021

Upon the basic metrics like convenience, and the digitized business models, the top 5 best handyman apps available are listed as follows. 


US-based impressive service booking platform that holds a number of services ranging from cleaning the houses to the assembling of products in a smart way. Further, the package and moving services additionally added to this model to make the shiftings as hassle-free. With the platform compatibility nature, currently, the service offerings extended into 4 cities in the UK and Canada. 


A well-crafted platform to group more number of locally available professionals expertise in various services. By specifying the service directly in this app, you can get the list of service professionals available locally at first. Based on the ratings/reviews and the in-field experience, you can select the opted service professionals easily. 


Right from the pest control services to the appliance repair services, the location-specific service professionals are easily aggregated via this app. With the dedicated service list tab, the profiles of service professionals are easily maintained, and get the schedules for the services easily. 


One of the familiar handyman service providers to cover all-range home services like appliance installation, electrical wiring, security device installations, etc. They also carry the services for the big brands in the market with unified interfaces and adaptive features like feasible booking, tracking in real-time, etc. 

SpotnRides-Uber for Handyman

Being an experienced player in the on-demand service booking field, SpotnRides recently launched the uber for handyman app solution where the service provider benefitted with more bookings and revenue too. The features that make you stand top in the market are shortly described as follows. 

  • Advanced service management interfaces
  • Instant booking/cancellation
  • Alerts customers with new service inclusion
  • Brand assurance options
  • Real-time analytics like reports, tracking, etc. 
  • In-app communication
  • Social Community for Handyman
  • Visibility assurance options
  • Service-subcategory addition

SpotnRides doesn’t stop here. We bring impressiveness to handyman services via developing the perfect-fit Uber for handyman app solution with smart features related to the wide range of customer demands and the top trends in on-demand handyman services. 

How SpotnRides Uber for Handyman is the Best Solution for You?

On-demand handyman app development turns to be efficient only if you consider the latest technologies and find the right one according to your needs. Aware of those and integrating them in the app development be a tedious task for the startup owners. For the quick launch, hiring the right app development team is the most essential one. 

At SpotnRides, special attention is given to the handyman app development where the design of app-based models is related to the real-time industrial trends and customer preferences. The features that make SpotnRides be the top-accessible player in the market are:

Futuristic Business Model-The business model we considered is a futuristic one and it meets the customer demands perfectly. 

Faster Time to Launch- Since we developed the handyman app from the pre-built Uber for Handyman, the development process is a speedy one and this allows you to quickly launch your services in the market. 

Service Extension Simpler- With our handyman app, the service professionals or the service provider can easily add the categories to extend the business model into a new scale. 

Multi-Monetization Channel- The uber for handyman app from SpotnRides extends the revenue channels like verification fee, commission fee, category-fee, premium model to make you a high-profitable player in the market. 

Points to Take

Building an advanced handyman app surely fills the gaps between the handyman and the customers. The top 5 handyman apps listed in this blog are helpful for that via various business models. 

SpotnRides also has a unique pace on that list due to its advanced booking model. Turn your on-demand handyman service startup idea into an executable with us by sharing details via [email protected]

Get Free Demo of Handyman App – WhatsApp | Skype

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