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Uber is the only on-demand taxi booking app that changes the face of the transportation industry with technology integration. Years before most of the taxi riders will be the richest people, therefore the usage of the taxi service is low. But Uber breaks the barrier and provides affordable ride services in the market.

This makes the on-demand Taxi booking service a reliable and economic mode of transportation and used by the majority of the people in metro cities. High usage of on-demand taxi apps brought the increasing demand in the number of taxi booking app like Uber service providers in the market. 

As the rise of the on-demand ride-hailing service is big, it is the exact time for entrepreneurs to start their own taxi-hailing business with the best Uber-like app. If you’re an arrogant entrepreneur and looking to start a ride-hailing business like Uber quickly and to achieve reliability in the service. Uber clone app will be the right choice as per the market analysis.

SpotnRides Offers Most Reliable Taxi App Solution:

SpotnRides provides you a ready-to-go white labeled Uber clone app solution. Our app like Uber is more scalable that allows you to customize the entire app according to your taxi business model. With the help of our Uber clone, you can easily expand the business by providing reliable taxi booking service to the customers at any time from anywhere. 

The latest tech stack integration needs constant care and support to the clients. Therefore, we provide complete tech support to our clients and hence their business development process becomes like a piece of cake. With our uber like app, you can easily connect the riders needing your taxi service on-time. 

Our development process also includes sparkling key-features to make the service more luxurious to the customers.

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SpotnRides Stunning Features Overcomes real-time issues 


Market analysis recognized that many riders are facing infrastructural problems in the transportation service in the metro cities. Which makes people’s day-to-day life more difficult while getting around the city without any second option.

  • Feature Solution – By taking the issue into consideration, we include a vehicle selection option in our Uber clone app that allows the customers to choose the modest vehicle they want and they can also cross-check the customer’s review before booking it.  


According to the rider’s survey on the transportation business, people get fed-up when they are not getting importance from the service provider. This may lead the customers/riders to quit the transportation service quickly without any second choice. 

  • Feature Solution – You can offer excellent compensation for each ride or expensive offers and discounts regularly for the prime members with our uber clone script. You can also offer discounts to non-prime members regularly. This helps you to keep the customers with your service and attain their expectations shortly. 


Most of the entrepreneurs aren’t able to expand their service in the market, this happens due to a lack of visibility. As a startup business, the entrepreneurs have to consider every possible avenue to invite new customers and gather their attention. 

  • Feature Solution – We have included the referral code & promo codes feature in our app like Uber. This helps you as an entrepreneur to create a wide customer base in a short period of time. 

These are a few of the major issues that are faced by entrepreneurs as well as customers in the ride-hailing business. Our developers have solved with the features efficiently and this allows you to provide a convenient ride for your customers. In the SpotnRides Uber clone app, we also included a few advanced features to keep-up the service top of the market list. 

Advanced Add-on Key-features in SpotnRides Uber Clone App

  • Waiting Charge Estimation – The rider can make their driver wait and the fare will be calculated accordingly. The waiting estimation can be determined and the rider can be ready with the cost at the end of the ride. 
  • Book for Others/Later – The rider can book the ride for later as well as book the ride for someone else through this feature. This feature increases the riding percentage at the end of the day, gradually the revenue will be increased.
  • Panic button/SoS – To provide utmost care to the riders as well as the drivers, we have integrated the panic and SOS buttons. The users can make use of it when they feel unsafe on the ride. Once the feature is used, the information will be passed to nearby police stations.


Uber stands as the best profitable business model in the market. By considering it, We SpotnRides provide the best Uber clone app for young entrepreneurs. This helps the entrepreneurs to quickly launch their taxi booking business with advanced metrics and wide-spread their service with a strong customer base. 

For more feature highlights to strengthen your taxi business, please drop a mail at [email protected].

Get Free Demo of Uber Clone App – WhatsApp | Skype

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