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Stimulate Your Towing Business Similar to Honk with SpotnRides Roadside Assistance App

Online service booking is a popular pastime among people all over the world. In it, the on-demand tow trucking industry has a higher market pinnacle than others. Such a massive uptake of the on-demand roadside assistance services app among users greatly inspires entrepreneurs to launch new ventures.

In this blog post, we are going to examine it with the bestselling readymade on-demand roadside assistance app available with SpotnRides globally that is similar to honk for help. 

In addition, we will also discuss how potential the roadside assistance business is in 2022.

What Are Some Intriguing Statistics about the Global Roadside Assistance Industry?

From 2021 to 2026, the on-demand roadside assistance industry will expand at a rapid annual growth rate of 6 percent. Within the next five years, its value will increase by $5.28 billion. 

Therefore, towing, tire replacement, and fuel delivery will be the foremost three services requested by vehicle owners.

Advantages such as improved Internet access, an uptick in the sale of electric mobility, and government tax breaks for buying hybrid vehicles will profit the on-demand tow truck industry.

In a broad sense, entrepreneurs can categorize their roadside assistance services into three types such as heavy commercial, light commercial, and passenger vehicles.

How Does a SpotnRides Ready-Made Roadside Assistance App Functions? 

Industries that have a large number of trucks and vans can utilize the ready-made uber for tow trucks from SpotnRides. In addition, they can take advantage of services such as access to auto parts, vehicle maintenance, and vehicle insurance. The sophisticated dashboard can be used by entrepreneurs like you to handle routine business processes. 

Also, It transmits real-time status updates about the tow truck operators’ Actual Time of Arrival and Estimated Time of Arrival.

Moreover, our on-demand roadside assistance app employs a cutting-edge GPS tracking system. 

Hence, the tow truck operators can show up at the user’s location fastly. Furthermore, this noticeably lowers the avg response time. Beyond everything, our app is also appropriate for Automobile Retailers, Classic Device Manufacturers, and 2- and 4-wheeler users.

Customers pay using online payment methods. The app accepts credit cards, debit cards, and net banking.  As a result, you can receive your earnings on time via wire transfers to your bank deposits or e-wallets.

Listed below are the features that we incorporated in your roadside assistance app for efficient management of your towing business.  

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List of Some Exciting Features in the Ready-made Roadside Assistance App from SpotnRides That Is Similar to Honk 

It is critical to choose the resource to create a top-notch roadside assistance app for your company. 

Taking this into consideration, SpotnRides focuses on metrics such as present market analysis, usual app model updates, prevalent safety advancements, and so on.

Hence, we create the best on-demand roadside assistance app for your business, similar to honk, with the preceding features.

For Customers

  • Swift Booking: Customers can book various roadside assistance services by tapping the “Book Service” icon.  Moreover, they also have multiple services options such as Luxurious Cars, Flatbed Towing, and Motorcycle Towing.
  • In-built Chat Option: Through the real-time chat feature, vehicle owners can straightforwardly interact with tow truck service providers. They can precisely communicate the specifics of their issue in order to receive the appropriate assistance.
  • Multi-level Security Safeguards: Vehicle owners’ information is kept with the utmost confidentiality. Moreover, our on-demand roadside assistance app safeguards your customers’ personal details with end-to-end encrypting data, firewall integration, and password concealing.

For Drivers 

  • Availability Toggle: Roadside assistance professionals can easily organize their day-to-day work. Customers’ work orders can be accepted or rejected relying on their accessibility. Moreover, all towing service bookings can be seamlessly manageable by tow truck operators.
  • Auto Dispatch: Our readymade roadside assistance app helps quickly contact vehicle owners. Because of their location-based assignment, roadside assistance experts have a high level of efficiency. Furthermore, the automatic dispatch tool in our app makes sure that tow truck operators are never far from the customers.
  • Solution for Profit Pullout: With our on-demand roadside assistance app, you can quickly handle redemptions. Additionally, you can withdraw 100% of your earnings by tying them to your bank account or digital wallet.

For Admin

  • Business Reports: With SpotnRides on-demand roadside assistance app you can access comprehensive organizational reports. Moreover, you can also be aware of the working capital, expenditure, income, and profitability.
  • Simple Metadata: You can properly handle both customer and employee documents. Account books, receipts, tow truck operator licenses, and vehicle maintenance certs can all be kept in distinct directories.
  • Participation in Towing and Retrieval Affiliations: You can increase your bookings and legitimacy by joining domestic or international towing and vehicle recovery affiliations.
  • Tools for Digital Marketing: Customers can receive data about rewards cards, discounted rates, and other offers via email, instant messaging services, and social networking sites. 

They can, for example, use Facebook or widget to increase business popularity and raise visibility about road safety. Those features allow you to shape your on-demand roadside assistance app in 360 degrees to meet all aspects of your towing business.

Here are some of the premium features SpotnRides provides to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Hire the best app development company for your towing startup.

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Premium Roadside Assistance App Features from SpotnRrides That Make Your Towing Business Prominent and One Step Ahead

Our ready-made on-demand roadside assistance app is jam-packed with innovative features such as, 

  • Emergency alert toggle, 
  • A Heatmap, 
  • Incorporation with payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe, 
  • KYC verification, 
  • Multi-currency assist, 
  • Route planning, and Service Records stockpiling.

SpotnRides will put you on top of the global on-demand roadside assistance industry with their premium features.


To sum up, on-demand business startups have grown in popularity in recent years, with entrepreneurs focusing on their online expansion in their chosen fields. Selecting a real-time tow truck startup within the mentioned niche will provide you with a gainful environment for your business in the future. SpotnRides roadside assistance app development can give your platform additional functionality that you can use to design an app like honk that helps you provide consistent, reliable service.

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