Startup Your Fruitful On-demand Multi-Services With Adaptable GoJek Clone App

Online on-demand services are vast nowadays. We can smartly access any service through real-time simply utilizing respective business apps. Such convenient options captivate all the users around the world.

On-demand multi-service booking is one among them. According to the Technavio survey report, the revenue value of multi home services will grow by 1574.86 billion USD during the years 2020-2024. The growth rate in the current year (2021) would be 49%.

Starting up your own multi-service online, while it is at such a peak in the market industry, assists you to get the greatest success in your chosen career. Let’s get even more analysis about your business online by developing your multi-service app from GoJek Clone.

GoJek Clone App Brings Uniqueness to On-demand Multi-service Industry

By developing your app from the GoJek clone script available from SpotnRides, you receive a lot of development-based benefits. It assists you to bring uniqueness to your business app users through your new on-demand multi-service app creation.

  • A White-Label Script – The GoJek clone is a complete white-label solution for your new app development. So, you can modify anything regarding your business plan.
  • Perfect Fit for Multi-Scale – The adaptive app design fits for your any kind of online service business model for multi-scale. 
  • Compatible Platforms – Your new multi-service business app from GoJek clone is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. Your users using any of the operating systems can access your app easily. 
  • Secure Interfaces –  Being all the transactions happening in your business are completely safe and encrypted to decline third-party access, your multiservice app is completely secure for the users.

Online Multi-Service Business Models for Your Prompt Initiation

You can start your own multi-service business by organizing multi-service handlers like plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc into one app platform. Or provide a separate one for individual service handlers by their respective specialization. For e.g.

  • On-demand Plumber Service Booking
  • On-demand Electricians Booking
  • On-demand Garden Maintenance Service Booking
  • On-demand Housekeeping Booking
  • On-demand Mechanic Service Booking, etc.

Utilizing the GoJek clone app’s perfect fit for different on-demand business models, you could create your new business app apt to your own startup idea in required industry sectors online.

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Startup Your Fruitful On-demand Multi-Services with Adaptive GoJek Clone

Multiservice app development from the GoJek clone script from SpotnRides offers you fruitful sources for your successful business on-goings online. Utilizing the effective app features as listed below, your app in the field works like a charm for the greatest service provisions.

Friendly Business App

Your complete multi-service business app from GoJek has a user-friendly nature. It provides a very smooth experience to the users using your app for service access. Your customers feel hassle-free interactions between players with the fastest response from service handlers.

Rapid Usage Access

The smart login option enabled in your multi-service app allows your business players to smartly complete their initial registrations with their logged-in social media accounts. So, they can get immediate access to the app service even if they are new users.

Speedy Service Booking

The robust interlining connection framed between your different business players’ app panels passes instant push notifications. It alerts the appropriate service handler in a second while a customer requests for matching service. So, instant acceptance for bookings becomes possible.

Route Way Tracking

After the successful request acceptance, the service handlers can smartly track their customers’ exact location lively using the geolocation option. This facility is inbuilt to your new multiservice app from the GoJek clone script.

Multi-Payment and Multi-Currency

Your business app is capable of accepting multi currencies. The customers can pay their fares in dollars, euros, INR, etc. They can smartly complete payments online using their payment cards, mobile banking, or e-wallets like PayPal.

On-Off Status Updates

Your business service providers can easily set their availability status for accepting booking requests online using the on/off toggle button in your app. So, the active service handling players are only visible to the current looking for customers in real-time.

Smart History Tracking

All business players in your app are able to track their histories based on their roles and user access. It makes it easy to track the details of their records at their needed time. For e.g. 

  • your end-users can track how many services they get from your business app and the payments paid for them. 
  • The service handlers can track how much money they earned in a day, week, month, or year. 
  • You as an admin can track all your previous/current day business records at any time.

Additional Options that Provided for Your Business App Development from SpotnRides

Along with these all the major features inclusions, for your own multi-service business app, SpotnRides offers a fully custom solution. Through this, you can add/remove any options that default to your new business app from the GoJek clone.

You can start your business app enhancement discussion with our expert developers at any time. As we have been in the app development field for a decade, our developers are well experienced in building business apps. 

Your new multi-service app from SpotnRides has a dedicated admin panel. You can hassle freely handle your overall business from your sitting place. All the details displayed through your admin dashboard collected from your business’ multi-angle ongoing.

You can be keen on your customers’ feedback, and rates, and reviews about their experience in your app-based service online. You can add or remove any business players regarding demands. As well, you can make 360-degree changes in accordance with the required modulations in the future.

In Summary

Based on the current market trending, starting up your new multi-service business online is a better idea. With the adaptable GoJek clone app for your business app creation SpotnRides develop your new on-demand multi-services app more powerful to the present marketplace. 

Utilizing the extra app development solution options, you can add even more uniqueness to your business app from the actuals. To clarify more with talking to our experts, feel friendly to send your contact at [email protected]. We will call you immediately for further discussions.

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