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Busy lifestyle and the increase in the number of baby boomers have pushed us to rely on others for our works like getting deliveries, buying from shops, buying tickets, standing in line, and many more. Even micro and small businesses have to rely on someone to achieve some work. So, in these cases, you can hire errand runners.

Errand runners are people who run an errand for those who have little to no time to do work or cannot do the work. The errand runners do daily chores like picking up or delivering packages, doing the groceries, walking the dog, etc at an hourly rate.

You can ask that this is something similar to that of handyman services? Yes, but with a change. Running errand can be done by unskilled people also.

What is On-Demand Errands Services?

Handyman services which comprise of skilled persons like carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc have already found their place in the on-demand market. The field of handyman services has reached a new height in terms of revenue and employment generation after being brought under the umbrella of on-demand. In the same way, running an errand can be brought under the on-demand model. This will be a huge employment generation for unskilled workers.

Typical errand runner

Most errand runners charge on an hourly basis and their fee range between $15 to $45. The type of service provided by them varies from person to person. Students and office workers who want to work part-time and earn money can become an errand runner.

Popular works that can be outsourced to errand runners

  • Checking emails and deliveries.
  • Taking care of pets
  • Order food from the restaurants
  • Wait in line

Similar to the on-demand handyman services, the overall investment in app-based errand service is small. If you are to start this business service, you have to make interested errand runners to come on-board your firm.      

Types of errand services

When offering on-demand errand services, you can offer a plethora of errand services which helps users to select the type of services they need.

Elderly errand service

The population of baby boomers has increased and they cannot rely on their children and relatives all the time. The demand for elderly errand service is always on the higher side. Some of the errand services for elders include.

  • Bill payments
  • Buying groceries
  • Medicines
  • Pet walking and care
  • Healthcare

Personal errand services

Individuals between the age of 25 and 35 have a hectic and busy schedule. They need errands to help them with shopping, food delivery, etc. They need errand runners for services like.

  • Party or event preparation
  • Dry-cleaning & pickup
  • Laundry
  • Babysitting
  • Basic house maintenance & de-cluttering
  • Gift shopping and wrapping
  • Food purchase and deliveries
  • Pickup and delivery of vehicle for car wash or repairs

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Parcel and mail delivery

The cost of delivering packages through courier delivery companies is exorbitant and time-consuming. Instead, you can use errand runners to deliver the parcel to places within the city can be affordable. Even you can send mail/letters using errand runners.

Errand runners can ensure the package is delivered safely and at the correct time.

Line sitting

This errand service is the most sought after because many people nowadays are not patient enough to stand in line. For movie tickets, concerts, discount sales, food counters, etc have a huge line in the queue. For all these, it will be good if someone can stand in line for hours. There are professional line sitters who charge anywhere between $20-$25.

Some of the top firms in providing errand services are Magic, Dunzo, Care, to name a few.

Revenue model

As said before, the operation of errand service is similar to that of on-demand handyman service. Here, the errand runner charges a fee on an hourly basis and a certain percentage of it is charged as a commission by you.

App development

The working model of this errand services is similar to the Uber. So, the app consists of the customer app, errand runner app, and admin app.

If you start this business from grassroots, then it is better to try Uber app like app clone scripts. SpotnRides is an app clone script with apps similar to the function of the Uber app. The Spotnrides app is completely customizable to the extent that it can be used to suit any business services. If you send us your business plan and revenue model, we may alter the app accordingly.

Even if you have to start an on-demand handyman service along with errand service, we are happy to help you in that.

To know more about our product, just drop an email to [email protected]. Our team is there to assist you 24/7.

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