Start your Medicine Delivery Business at Your Hometown with Uber for Pharmacy Delivery App

We order food with just a tap on the mobile, book cab on a smartphone anywhere and anytime but one area which desperately needs mobile ordering and delivery system is the pharmacy industry. With so much innovation in the supply chain, it is possible to effectively deliver medicines to even remote places. 

Businessmen and entrepreneurs who want to disrupt the pharmacy industry by bringing in innovation can start the on-demand app based medicine delivery startup. This startup can do much impact and protect the pharmacy market when it is operated as a marketplace model. 

Launching this type of on-demand pharmacy delivery app startup is made easy when you can get pre-built software solutions from SpotnEats.

Why We Need an app for Medicine Delivery?

Nowadays people consult a doctor even for illness, cough, cold, and other serious complications. They get the prescription from the doctor and if the patient needs the medicine urgently it is difficult at that time to search for pharmacies. Here comes Uber like app for medicine delivery. 

Even if there is a drug store nearby, there is little guarantee that all the medicines are available. What if this problem is eliminated by listing all the available drug stores in a common marketplace like the mobile app and buying medicine with just a tap on the mobile.

With ordering and delivery app for medicines, you no longer need to wait in the drugstore to buy medicine. This saves you time and money.

Benefit for pharmacists

Pharmacists who have a small outlet can improve their growth by listing their drug store in the medicine delivery app marketplace.

Why the marketplace model for this on-demand medicine delivery?

I said earlier that this medicine delivery startup will be effective and justifiable only when it operated using the marketplace model. What you need to do is to make the nearby pharmacies in a locality to list their store in the app. So, this avoids the monopoly and benefits everyone in the field.

This model involves no inventory and requires very small infrastructure. So, as an entrepreneur, you can converge most of your funds on improving the core operations of the startup. 

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How the app works ?

  • User can upload the prescription or enter the medicines in the app after registering the name and address.
  • The app lists the pharmacies that have the said medicines.
  • Now the user places an order for medicines in the pharmacy based on parameters like delivery time, cost, etc.
  • Confirm order and the user will get the medicines within a matter of minutes.
  • After order confirmation, the admin assigns a delivery partner to get the medicines from the pharmacy and deliver it to the user.


Like any other Uber clone apps, medicine delivery app too consists of three separate apps each for the customer, pharmacist, and admin web app.

Pharmacist app

  • List and manage their products
  • Manage products details and other information
  • Order Management
  • Manage delivery and shipment
  • Manage prices

Customer app

  • Upload prescriptions
  • Search medicines
  • Track your order
  • Compare Products
  • Ask Expert
  • Video chat with the pharmacist

Admin panel

  • Manage users and pharmacists
  • Manage payments
  • Analytics

Apart from the above-said features, there are some more additional features which can be added based on the requirement.

  • Delivery time estimator
  • Subscription options
  • Locate nearby pharmacy
  • In-app digital payment
  • Remainders to take medicine
  • Alert in case of refills

Getting medicine at the right time can save one’s life. Having a mobile app in your smartphones is also a very handy one for everyone. 

How SpotnRides Help You To Launch a Medicine Delivery Startup?

The first step you have to do after planning to launch a medicine delivery startup is to look out for developing the app solution. To ease your work and save money, we have already developed and readily have an app for medicine ordering and delivery. 

Our solution SpotnRides is made by experienced developers using the latest language and design tools to make the interface exciting.

Get Free Demo of Medicine Delivery App – WhatsApp | Skype

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