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Start an Online Photographers Booking Business and Allow People to Book One for their Family Function with SpotnRides Uber for Photographers App

Are you celebrating a birthday or any other family function or conducting an event and need a professional photographer immediately? Book a photographer from Uber for photographers just like the way you book via an app for other services. Choose the kind of photographer you need from your smartphone anytime.  It is not necessary to book a photographer for immediate work but can book them in advance like before 30, 45 or 90 days.

How on demand photographer app aids your startup?

Are you a passionate photographer with a knack of entrepreneurship? then you are the right person to start an on-demand app based photographer booking business. Is this business only suitable for a passionate photographer? No, those who are creative and interested in entrepreneurship can also take this business.

How it works?

Normally, this type of on-demand app-based business consists of two apps and an admin panel. An app each for the customer and service provider(photographer) and an admin panel which is mostly web-based. The customer can register their details, address, type of event, type of photographer, and timing on their app. A suitable photographer is shown to them and the customer can select a suitable photographer. The person running the business is the admin and he oversees the admin panel.

The Uber for photographers business is more of a marketplace for photographers. The admin has to make on board other interested photographers on the app. If the photographers are free and can heed to the customers request immediately, they can hire a photographer via their app.

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Why Uber for photographers?

  • You can get to know and book from a group of highly rated, talented photographers who love art.
  • Busy people who have little to no time can prefer booking from this app.
  • Available on short notice (within minutes depending on location).
  • Able to track photographers on the mobile map (useful for festivals or remote locations).
  • Photographers are screened and vetted after a thorough background check.
  • Photographers are checked whether they maintain high standards of customer service and are provided with qualified tags.
  • Customers are allowed to review and rate the service of photographers in their app.

What does it mean for photographers?

Freelance photographers who want to show their presence to more people and showcase their skills can register in the Uber for photographers app. Professional photographers who are willing to do full time/part time work can also register in the app. Service provider app has the feature for the photographers to show their fee. Normally the fee is paid on a per hour basis.

Photographers can mention their key photography skills and get paid more depending on their unique skills. It is a kind of free marketing for you. You just need to pay us some commission for every request you get.

What next?

The app for your Uber for photographers business decides the course of your business and so it important to choose the way you create the app. There are two ways to do this- Creating an app from scratch, buying a ready-made app from experienced solution providers. I would recommend you to choose the latter since it is affordable and easy to customize the app.

SpotnRides is a leading provider of on-demand app-based solutions. Our portfolio of products includes taxi booking app, taxi dispatch software, fleet management system. We have also made apps for on-demand food delivery, courier delivery, pet taxi, fuel delivery, plumbing services, handyman services, just to name a few. Below We have answered as many FAQs possible. Go through it and send any queries to [email protected].

1. I’m not a professional but I love taking pictures, can I start Uber for the photographer?

Strong passion for entrepreneurship and a little bit of smart working is required to start this business and it is not necessary for you to be a professional photographer.

2. I am a professional photographer. I want to list my name on the app. How do I get started?

  • After downloading the app and applying, pick which types of requests you would like to receive.
  • Select the time slots you are available.
  • Sync your calendar with ours.
  • Sit back and enjoy the benefits of free marketing, networking and getting paid more.

3. How much it costs to create an app for the business from SpotnRides?

While it takes $20,000-$40,000 to create an app from scratch. At SpotnRides, we do it for less than $5000. Customization is done and a nominal fee is charged for it.

If you have more questions and doubts, feel free to contact us. You can also contact us through WhatsApp. Our team of dedicated developers is keen to work on this exciting business and also looking forward to working with new age entrepreneurs. 

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