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Start an On-demand Parking Space Booking Business using Little Investment with SpotnRides

If you have a car, then you might have definitely come across the confused state as to where to park your vehicle in the city. Never like before, most cities across the world are becoming increasingly congested. Parking one’s vehicle has become a headache. The main cause of this parking problem is city traffic.

How on-demand parking app works?

In 2018 alone, traffic in the US cities cost $300 billion. 15 of the top 25 cities hit by worst traffic are from America. Why don’t we have an app based Uber for parking, where parking places can be seen easily on the app.

From the working itself, you might have guessed that there is less scope of monetizing using this business model. If this is the case, then the government can run this business. In the Uber business model, there are lots of possibilities for generating revenue.

There is another way of making money using this business. You can allow people to find free parking places in the app and lock a particular space for a fee.


There will be a rider app and an admin panel. From the rider app, the customer can find a suitable parking space near him and pay the money to lock a place for parking. The admin has to make sure from his centralized dashboard that parking spaces are updated when it is free or when it is locked. The prices for the parking space can be decided by the admin based on the demand in that region.

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Who can take this business?

Since the parking spaces are public, only the government can have control over them. By taking this business in hand, the government can make an additional source of income in this.

For entrepreneurs, they can still take this business by getting the parking space for lease from the government and list the space in the app.

For users, you can have a hassle free parking while in the city.  


ParkWhiz is a top company in the US which allows the users to book parking spaces across 190 American cities. The unique selling proposition is that they offer parking spaces at affordable rates. They offer this service for fleets, cabs, private vehicles etc.

ParkWhiz has the largest inventory of parking spaces in the US and has helped park over 10 million vehicles so far.

How SpotnRides can help?

Business like Uber for parking has a lot of potentials mainly in Asian countries like India and China where parking is a big problem. SpotnRides is a leading on-demand app solution provider. We have made on-demand apps similar to Uber for many entrepreneurs and existing companies.

Unlike other on-demand businesses like food delivery, cab booking or any other services, the Uber for parking service requires little to no investment. Also, the app development from SpotnRides costs very less, the overall investment is not much compared to other services.

If you have any idea of starting this business, feel free to send your business plan and other details to [email protected]. Once purchased, the app will be deployed to you in a few days and any sort of customization is done at a nominal fee.

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