Start an On Demand Laundry Pickup and Delivery Business with Small Investment Using the Uber Like Business Model

The Uber model has become so popular that entrepreneurs are using it to solve many common problems among the people. Just like app-based food delivery, at home tutoring, home services, and beauty service, why can’t there be one for laundry. I hope it is possible to change the way laundry service works when Uber for X is applied to it.

What is the uber for laundry business model?

Washing is a work most people hate to do and working people despise it. It is because laundry involves a lot of time and energy and in the present scenario of timelessness, it would be better to outsource this activity. People no longer need to do this activity because with the Uber model it is possible to connect the dry cleaning and laundry services with the customers. The Uber for Laundry business model has evolved so much that there are multiple monetizations without any change in the operation.

In western countries, there are laundry shops where people can use by inserting coins which depends upon the load. This too has its share of limitations. Too much rush in and non-availability in the vicinity are some of the limitations.

When laundry is brought under the on-demand model, all the limitations can be wiped out. An agent will get the clothes at the doorstep of a customer and give it to the laundry service, and return to the customer after it is done.

So, the existing laundry/dry cleaning service will not be affected. In fact, the roadside laundry shops will get more sales. Entrepreneurs doing this business can earn more money by solving a common issue and with less investment. Let laundry service be innovated and added to the list of Uber for X services.

Will people accept the on demand laundry app service?

Consumers desperately need an innovative laundry service which lowers the cost and time. And an on-demand laundry booking app can satisfy their desperation. So, changing the consumer behavior to use app-based laundry will not be a problem. Since more no. of jobs will be generated, this business will have a positive reach among the people.

The entrepreneurs too will not be reluctant to take up this business because of the less capital and no inventory involved in this startup service. There are also multiple business models that can be followed in this service.

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Different business models in this business

In-store model

In this model, you have laundry service at various points in a region. Here there is no need for a pickup agent. The customers provide their details and clothes in these places. Once the service is over, the clothes will be delivered to the user. This model requires own laundry stations. There is no scope of less ownership in this model.

On store model

This model also needs you to own a laundry service station. On store model is more or less similar to the in-site model. But, here you use well-trained staff and a pickup agent. This model gives a very good customer experience. So, there is more possibility of increasing customer base and retain customer if this model is followed.

Aggregator model

This model needs no explanation. Here you just connect the consumers with the laundry service providers. The model works like this:

  • The customer search for the laundry service in the app based on reviews and ratings.
  • Once the service is selected, a time slot and date for pickup and delivery are selected.
  • A pickup agent comes at that time and picks the clothes and leave it to the selected laundry service.
  • Once the service is over, an agent delivers it to the customer.
  • Money is paid via integrated payment methods

Here the entrepreneur who is running the app gets a certain commission for every order.

Some established startups

Rinse: It is a US based laundry and dry cleaning startup apps. So far it has raised $25 million. Once the customer has booked a service, a rinse valet will come and pick the clothes.

Cleanly: It is the first startup of this kind to get Y combinator funding. Their service is available throughout the US. Unlike other service, Cleanly has a feature which allows the user to take a snap of the stain to give extra attention.

App development

By now you would have got a better understanding about the on-demand laundry business. Now let us see about the app development.

Like any on-demand startup here too we have the customer app, pickup/delivery agent app, laundry owner app, and admin app.

There are many software providers who are well experienced and have pre built customized solution for this business startup. SpotnRides is one of the ideal pre built app solutions.

I strongly recommend SpotnRides if you have any idea to begin this business. In SpotnRides customer app, customer can track the clothes from the time it is picked up till delivery. Our solution also allows the customer to take a pic of the stain in the clothes and send it to the laundry service center for extra care.

For more details mail us to [email protected]. We are always available to hear from you.

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