Start a Dedicated Taxi Service for Kids To have Safe Travel using SpotnRides Uber Clone App Solution

Start a Dedicated Taxi Service for Kids To have Safe Travel using SpotnRides Uber Clone App Solution

There is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs to start a shuttle service for kids. It is very difficult for working parents nowadays to leave their kids in the schools daily and take them back. Although a lot of other transport services are there,  parents are still wary of their safety and security.

The Taxi app service for kids mainly aimed at school going kids can have a customer app used by the parents from which the parents can track the location in real-time. This surely increases the trust factor for the parents.

Uber for kids taxi can also be used to get back the children from school. The drivers can be admitted after undergoing a series of screenings and background checks.

Kids who want to attend other classes outside can also use this service. Uber for kids taxi can also be used as Uberpool which can cut the expenses of the parents.

How uber for kids taxi app works?

Customer registration

The parents have to register their name, address, kids name, age, locality, and other basic details in the app. This helps to easily locate the nearby cab easily. Next is to login using the registered name.

Search Uber for kids taxi near you

A live map of your area will be displayed to you. In that, all the available drivers nearby will be shown. The type of cars will also be displayed to you. You can choose the drivers and the type of cars from the map.

Profile and license details of the driver will be displayed to you. Past reviews and ratings of the driver are also displayed to ensure the credibility of the driver.


Users can book the driver immediately or schedule booking for a time slot. If they want the Uber for kids taxi for every day of the week, they can do it. Booking option also includes pick up.

In the customer’s app, the user can specify any special requirement for the child. Carpooling option is also available in the app. Estimated fare is shown in the app.

Finally, the user can choose the payment method.

Live tracking

This is the unique feature for an app like Uber for kids. Both the admin and the parent can track the place of the child. The pre-estimated route is already shown on the map. So, any deviation in the location of the vehicle can be easily identified.

The live tracking begins once the driver accepts the ride. Parents can optionally share the location to relatives/friends via a link.

Booking history & carpooling

The customer can see past bookings and orders. In a single customer app, the parent can add any number of kids. Split fare option is also available for those who opt for carpooling. The total fare is split among the parents.

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Uber for kids taxi for other services

Uber for kids taxi is not only to drop and pick at/from school. It can be used for the following purposes.

  • Taking kids to hospitals and health centers.
  • Pick and drop other multiple locations
  • Cover during personal leave during weekdays

Uber for kids admin web panel

Centralized control

As an admin, you can oversee all the trips, manage cab bookings, monitor routes, provide live assistance, etc all from our one center via our kid taxi dispatcher software

Live data & push notification

Customers will get a notification at a short interval of time after the ride starts.

Filters & Advanced analytics tools

Apply filters & view analytics for bookings done on your Uber for Kids app


Complete earnings, commission per ride and driver’s earnings are managed under one roof.

Zone management

The admin can create zones by drawing polylines on the map and set fare accordingly.

Reviews and ratings

The admin can set the rating threshold for drivers and terminate the driver license whom rating falls below the threshold.

Final say

Those who are already running an on-demand taxi company can easily add the Uber for kids to their service. Any changes in the app can be easily carried out by the Uber clone app providers. SpotnRides is one of the solution providers which develops Uber-like on-demand apps for many startups. SpotnRides can easily alter the app to suit Uber for kids services.

Startup enthusiasts can start this on-demand startup in their locality or city. You can approach SpotnRides with a business plan and we will guide you from start till the deployment of the app. After deployment, we give technical assistance for some time and minor issues are sorted out free of cost.

What you have to do is to email us your queries and doubts about [email protected]. You can also call us and speak to our business executives who are available round the clock. We follow a step by step process during app development and intimate you on every step and maintain utmost transparency.

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