Reasons why Uber for X Business Model is for Everything in Everyday Life

Until some days back, we as an app development company got a lot of requests to make a taxi app like Uber model for their new taxi booking company. But now we are getting many requests for developing a Uber like app for other services apart from taxis. Yes, many startups have started to bring many other day-to-day services under the umbrella of the mobile app and most of them are following the Uber model. Lifestyle, entertainment, education, hospitality, food, transportation, etc are some of the areas which are witnessing Uber like startup models.

These startups are called “Uber for X” and it has nothing to do with the Uber taxi company. As said before, they are just following the operation model of the Uber taxi company. Fortunately, many VCs and investors are interested in startups and are pouring millions of dollars into this field. In 2018 alone, around $130 billion venture fund is infused in the on-demand app-based startups.

Why follow the Uber Business Model among others?

Everyone knows that Uber is a first of its kind app-based company where users can book a taxi with just a tap on their smartphone. Uber disrupted the already existing taxi industry. Uber applied some innovation and tech advancement to provide the people with an easy way to book a taxi anywhere and anytime. They leveraged the spread of smartphones and the internet. Uber has apps for all of its stakeholders like customers, drivers, and admin.

Impressed by this model, many thought why not we apply this model to other day-to-day services that can work better with some innovation and tech advancements. And they came up with Uber for X. In simple words, the Uber model made the whole process of accessing a service easy for the customers.

Challenges in Uber for X

While there is a complaint that the Uber model fails for some services like home services etc. See, the Uber model solves some core problems and if any of the services miss out any of the core problems then, the Uber model may not be suited to that particular service.

The Uber model solves the core issues by standardizing the service, automating the pricing and transaction, and speedy delivery of services.

When you take home services, the standardization of service is difficult to achieve under the Uber model. Still, some startups have addressed this issue by incorporating innovative measures in the workflow.

Below are four reasons why Uber for X is suited for everything.

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Standardization to search and buy

The best example is the online food delivery services. There are many restaurants around you and some restaurants you may no. Food delivery apps aggregate all these restaurants on a common platform from which you can search for different restaurants, menus, cuisine, etc.

After selecting the foods, you can buy the food by paying using different payment options. From ordering till delivery, every process is updated to you in real-time. This applies to every service that opt for the Uber model.

Quick delivery of service

The world is moving at a fast pace and there is little time for everyone to do their day to day chores. Again take food delivery startups. Who would avoid a service that can offer delicious food from their favorite restaurant within minutes? This applies the same for water delivery, laundry, handyman, home teaching, at home healthcare, and many more. In simple words, you don’t need to wait for a long time.

Even many on-demand startups are investing loads of money just in reducing the time of getting the service to the customer. There are innovative solutions in the market to strengthen the supply chain which affects the service delivery time.

Standardized service

Before admitting any service provider( for example, restaurants in online food delivery) in the on-demand business, their background is checked, quality of service is checked, necessary documents and licenses are checked. So people opting for an on-demand service are assured quality service by the admin of the business.

Review and rating are provided to each service provider and users can compare each of them using the review and ratings.

Dearth of innovation

Seriously, there is a dearth of innovation in many fields. Many businesses and day-to-day services remained stagnated for decades and it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to access it. Take for example the conventional taxi industry. Earlier you have to wave in the middle of the streets to call a taxi and only at the end of the ride you know the ride fare. The advent of Uber changed all this and gave a new meaning to the taxi business.

Likewise, there are many industries that require drastic innovation and technological infusion. Uber model startups are addressing this issue and making the life of people convenient.

Final words

I have no doubt that the next decade will be full of disruption. Key is to identify which services are well suited to the Uber like an on-demand model by analyzing the core issues solved by Uber.

Conventional industries will be affected a lot if they fail to adapt to the changing business model. In order to mitigate the level of destruction, conventional firms can make use of the aggregator/marketplace model of on-demand business and provide service in their platform.

New entrepreneurs who want to take up an Uber like an on-demand business has to develop a niche app for the business. There are app clone scripts similar to Uber is available in the market and they can be easily customized to suit any business services.

SpotnRides is a leading Uber app clone script provider. We have the ready solution and you can schedule a demo of our solution by requesting through [email protected]. Completely customized and improved version of Uber like apps for various services is available with us.  Do send us your doubts and queries and we are available 24/7 to answer you.

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