Pre-Launch Strategies to Follow for your Taxi Startup and How SpotnRides Can Help for it?

App-based taxi booking tech startup is the latest buzz in the startup market now. Many curious and technically sound entrepreneurs are entering this sector to be a part of the most coveted market. They knew that the taxi app startup is a serious affair and one needs to be careful with every step. I think most of these new and yet to launch startups partnered with a development firm like SpotnRides to get a better app solution; this is a well-made decision after all. 

There are certain things to follow even before the development of the app and we have covered that in another blog. Here I will explain the pre-launch strategies to follow to make the startup launch smooth. Times have changed and it is not very easy to recover from a bad response from users in the start itself.

Before going into the topic let me say something about SpotnRides.   

How Taxi App from SpotnRides Helps Your On-Demand Taxi Startup?

SpotnRides, like I said before, delivers a taxi booking setup for startups and customized existing solutions. We specialize in making niche solutions like pet taxi, long-distance ride handling, car sharing, carpooling, and many more. 

The team which works on SpotnRides has a good hold onto app development since they can turn SpotnRides solution into any Uber for the X model. We are open to innovative ideas from clients and work sincerely to incorporate it into the app.

Pre-launch strategies for taxi startup

Beta testing the product

Since there are more on demand taxi apps available in the market, it is easy for users to move from one service to another if they face anything bad. So, chances are high for your taxi app to lose the audience if they face any glitches or issues in using your app. So it is better to beta test the app as a part of the pre-launch function.

Dropbox, which is a cloud-based storage platform beta-tested its product with a limited set of users and because of this they were able to understand the product more. 

Similarly, find a niche audience and release your app to gauge the response and then use the feedback to tweak the solution. Reason to choose a set of target audiences is simply because they can give honest reviews and also know what exactly is missing. 

Treat these sets of users as your loyal customers since it is highly probable that they can spread your service through word of mouth. The developing and design team has to work hand in hand during this stage to make quick changes.

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Informed decision with data analytics

Data analytics is used to capture a lot of data and turn it into valuable info that can be used for decision making. Many taxi startups do this after launching their product which is okay to do but it is better to do during pre-launch phase itself.

In order to compete with your peers and have an edge over them, pre-launch data gathering is the best thing to do. 

Use a wide range of data analytics tools to track and capture the market trends, beta testing data, competitor marketing strategy, consumer behavior, region-specific reception for startups, and many more.

Such a process not only helps you to gain a strong foothold during launch but also gives you valuable insights for future expansion. You simply be able to predict consumer behavior and foresee market trends and make decisions accordingly.

Developing logos and brand management

During the development phase it is difficult to focus on logos. After everything is complete you may have come up with a dream logo but that does not always go well with a large set of people. 

Pre-launch is the apt time to develop a good logo using info from the beta testing group. Using the feedback you can find whether your logo is in sync with the emotions and desire of the subject. Also, take note of every aspect of the logo used by the peers just to know that we are relevant.

Branding is something that is the need of the hour because it can help you sustain a long time even if you made minor mistakes in between. For example, when anyone reminds you about online taxi booking, the name Uber quickly flashes in your mind, this is the power of branding. Branding works fine only when the product is perfect. 

Finding what people need

There are two kinds of taxi apps solutions, one is the minimum viable product and another is a fully developed product. It is safe and cost-effective to start with the minimum viable product since it is foolproof and contains all the necessary features.  

Sometimes based on needs and trends it may be required to offer a fully developed product since it can give a competitive advantage. Finding the type of solution is totally based on the users you are targeting.

Wrapping up!

That’s it for the pre-launch strategies. I hope you are convinced about this. If you feel these processes a herculean task, then connect with SpotnRides. SpotnRides are well versed in the area of customization and we have a set of standard pre-launch strategies. 

Many of our clients have benefited from it. I hope you join us and make it to the top. For more details, ping us on [email protected].   

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