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Online Marketplace for Freelance Fashion Designers: Why Does It Need Mobile App like Uber?

Fashion designing is a profession that needs more creativity and imagination. Fortunately, we have a huge number of people on this earth. Unfortunately, finding them is hard. When an ad-making firm is looking for fashion designers they have difficulty finding them and validating their skills. 

Not only for ad firms but also for the movie industry, individual purposes, and on many occasions and many places, the need for fashion designers is increasing. In this situation, the need for a listing platform has been rising. 

An online listing platform or a marketplace is nothing but a platform that lists the fashion designers, their skillset, specialty, and other details of them. Such an online platform enables potential customers to get appointments online from fashion designers easily. 

In this blog, you can explore the demand for an online marketplace for freelancing fashion designers and how an app like Uber acts as the perfect solution for that. Let’s get into the blog.

Micro Trends of Fashion Designing

Before starting any business, analyzing the demand in the market is necessary. Likewise, let’s check the demand and the necessity of the marketplace for fashion designers in the current market. 

The demand for the listing platform for fashion designers is dwelling on the following factors.

  • Rising in the number of fashion designers in recent days.
  • Need for reliable metrics to scale the skill set of fashion designers.
  • Many fashion designers are facing trouble in finding better opportunities and recognition.
  • To extend the limitations of fashion designers to getting online appointments.
  • Recruiters (customers who are looking for fashion designers) expect facilities like comparing designers, their ratings, features, and specialties.
  • Hardness in finding designers for startups.
  • Lack of proper recognition for fashion designers.

For these reasons, the customers and the service providers (fashion designers) are looking for an intermediate listing platform. Now let’s work on qualitative analyses. 

As per the data insight published on Zippia, there are nearly 4,400 fashion designers employed in the US alone. Note that, other than this, more designers are not employed. 

Furtherly, the data shows that fashion designers are on averagely paid an annual salary of $54,265. But it’s not provided for all designers. Few designers are well paid and many designers get only something for their work. It is calculated that only the top 10% of the highest-paid fashion designers earn more than USD 78,000.

The report reveals that the retail industry is paying more for fashion designers. But, still, there is a barrier to connecting the skilled designers and the potential recruiter (customers). 

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Online Marketplace for Freelance Fashion Designers: Is It Needed?

From the above-listed statistics, you can get the point of why the listing services are needed. But, the next question is why should it be an online platform.

The direct answer to this question is, “only with an online listing service, the pains of the customers and the fashion designers can be reduced”. 

Other than this, such online platforms can provide more benefits for customers and fashion designers. For instance, the online platform allows fashion designers to show their designs, previous experience, and the review and rating of previous customers. It helps them to increase their value in the market. It helps the customers to find experienced fashion designers and their expertise. 

At the same time, the marketplace allows customers to get an online appointment with fashion designers. So, the online marketplace is having positive aspects that increase its need and demand in the market. But as an entrepreneur why should you develop an online marketplace for fashion designers? 

Because such a listing service has market demand and can ensure high RoI by collecting commission rates from the fashion designers when they are getting appointments through your platform. So, the platform will be beneficial for entrepreneurs, fashion designers, and also customers. 

Such platforms should be accessible through the web and the mobile phone also. For the web, you should develop a web application. But for mobile, you need to develop a mobile application to ensure a seamless user experience. At the same time, for mobile phone users, accessing a web application is a little bit more complex than a mobile application. Most of the listing platforms fail because they couldn’t deliver the best user experience and reliability. To avoid such risk you must need to avail a mobile app. 

Instead, you can go for the clone scripts which are cost-effective and easily available and launch in no time. Through the clone script, entrepreneurs can reduce the cost and time of app development. 

Analyzing the Profitability of App like Uber 

For an on-demand business model, the Uber application is one of the famous trailblazers. So, most entrepreneurs prefer to avail the clone script of Uber for their on-demand startup. As the online freelancing fashion designer booking platform is also an on-demand service, you can prefer the Uber clone script. 

By availing of the Uber clone script for the fashion designer booking app, you can extend the limitations and the revenue streams of your online listing platform. Let’s check how it can expand the income sources of the online marketplace. 

  1. Commissions – It is the primary income source of Uber for fashion designers’ app scripts. As aforesaid, while an appointment has been made through your platform, it can be charged. 
  2. Listing Fee – The Uber clone script allows the entrepreneurs to charge the listing fee from all the fashion designers who list their services on your platform. Usually, this type of fee has been charged once the listing platform gets competitive advantages in the market. 
  3. Premium Amount – You can also collect premium amounts from customers and fashion designers to access the advanced features of the application. 
  4. Ad Banners – To gain passive income, you can run in-app ads. It enables generating regular income through the Uber for fashion designer application.
  5. In-app Purchase – You can also sell relevant products online with an app like Uber for fashion designers. For example, cosmetics, apparel, dresses, and others.
  6. Affiliated Marketing – By running a successful online fashion designer listing platform with an Uber like app, you’ll get the affiliated marketing chances from the front-running firms of the fashion industry. So, you can also run affiliated marketing and extend the revenue stream.

In addition to this, you can also sell your brand products through your Uber for fashion designers if you have any. 

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Features and Benefits of Uber for Fashion Designers

To make money in the aforementioned ways, you need a huge number of app users. To achieve such a high number of users, your fashion designer booking application should be effective to attract and engage users. 

That means, the app should have high-end features to resolve the pain points of the users and a highly engaging UI. The Uber clone script has such features and UI to engage the users potentially.  Let’s check them one by one. 

First of all, you need to know the readymade Uber clone script has a customer app, a service provider app, and an admin panel. 

  • Profile Management – The users can create and manage their profile efficiency.
  • Online Booking Facility – This app solution allows customers to book fashion designers online.  
  • Notifications – Once the designers accept the request, the customer will be notified through notification. Besides, you can send custom notifications to ensure user engagement.
  • Real-time Tracking – The customer can track their booking and the status of the service. 
  • Complete History – The users can check their previous bookings, appointments, payments, and other actions through the app solution.
  • Online Payment System – Customers can do the payment process in multiple ways online.  
  • In-app Wallet – Users of this Uber for fashion designer booking app can store their fiat money in their wallets.
  • Review and Rating – Once the designers have done their work, the customers can rate and review their services. It helps to recognize their work. 

These are the common features of the customer and service provider application. On another hand, the admin panel has the features and tools to manage the workflow of the online fashion designer booking app. It allows the admin (you) to run and manage the in-app ads, selling process, marketing strategies, campaigns, and others.

Such a productive readymade Uber clone for fashion designer booking apps can only be developed by a top-rated mobile app development company. Here, the SpotnRides comes. We are a team of IT experts who have years of experience in app development and can deliver customized Uber for fashion designer app solutions. 


Simply, if you are having a plan to establish an online marketplace for fashion designers, you just need an application to provide the best services through mobile. In such a situation, availing an app like Uber for the fashion designer booking application, you can get an eminent solution at an effective cost and in no time. SpotnRides can deliver such an Uber for fashion designer booking app with customized UI and features. Through this, you can gain your core competency in the market easily. 

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