Need for Last Mile Delivery Management in Courier Franchises

Need for Last Mile Delivery Management in Courier Franchises

A franchise is a great choice for additional revenue alongside your main business. A few people are also running franchises as their main income source. Almost all famous brands in every industry have been providing franchise opportunities. 

Among these, we are going to discuss the courier franchise business and how last-mile delivery management software can make your business profitable. 

Let’s get into it!

Delivery Management in Courier Business

Usually, for a courier business picking up the parcels from the destination (for corporate clients) and delivering the parcels to the right destination are the two main duties. By managing these processes, a courier business can leverage its business. 

Likewise, for a courier franchise business, delivering and picking up the parcels are important for high credibility and revenue. Usually, three kinds of franchise agreements can be done with a courier brand; they are a delivery-only franchise, a pick-up-only franchise, and an all-in-all franchise (model franchise).

Whatever model you choose, you have to streamline the delivery/pickup process as the successful fulfillment of delivery can benefit you and your business. 

Parcel Pickup and Delivery Software: How It Helps?

Simply, by adopting our parcel pickup and delivery software you can streamline your parcel pickup and delivery processes. Let’s check how our software solution helps you.

Streamlining Parcel Pickup 

Our last-mile delivery management software (which is nothing but parcel pickup and delivery software) has the following elements.

  • Customer App,
  • Service Provider App, and 
  • Admin Panel.

The customer app can be provided for your corporate clients whose parcels should be picked up. Through the app, they can submit a request for parcel pickup in real time within a few tabs. By digitizing the pickup request process, you can record all data digitally and maximize transparency.

In addition to this, the user of the “Customer App” can track the real-time location of the assigned delivery person (here the term denotes the service provider who does both delivery and pickup service) easily, share the real-time update with a third person through any medium as a tracking link, and contact the corresponding delivery person through the app. 

The service provider app bridges delivery persons and customers virtually. So that they can navigate the location of customers/ the given address for the pickup service easily. 

The in-app communication facility, SOS functionality, proof of delivery, and online payment module of our app solution can be helpful for the persons who pick up the parcels. 

With the admin panel, you can monitor and manage all pickup processes through a single window. Thus, our parcel pickup and delivery software can streamline and digitize your parcel pickup process.

Now, let’s check how it’ll perform when it comes to delivering parcels.

Simplifying Delivery Process

In this tech-first world, every delivery service from food delivery to product delivery is empowered with a technical solution. So, why not your delivery service?

To support your parcel delivery service, you can take advantage of our route planner solution. By integrating it with our last-mile delivery management software your service providers (delivery persons) can easily plan and achieve multiple deliveries at the same time. 

The software with the delivery route planning system can allow you to add multiple drop-off locations, get the shortest route that connects all the locations, assign a particular route for specific service providers, and manage/ monitor the whole process.

In case of any change in the route plan like an unexpected roadblock, traffic, or others, the delivery route planner can suggest an alternative route for the service provider instantly. 

As it also can provide real-time traffic insight, your delivery person can avoid unnecessary delays in the delivery process. 

In addition to these, proof of delivery, real-time tracing, in-app messaging, accurate ETA facility, and other features can make your courier delivery franchise/ business standalone in the market. 

How Does It Leverage Your Business?

Having a tool to streamline and leverage the parcel delivery and pickup service can provide you with the following benefits for your courier franchise business. 

  • Maximizing Transparency – It allows the customers to track the real-time location of the delivery person while the pickup process. With the help of RFID integration, a complete end-to-end transportation process can be tracked.
  • Simplifying Long-run Process – It simplifies the long process of delivery booking for the end-customers as a single-step process. The customer who wants to get a parcel pickup service can reach you online and access your service with a single tap.
  • Streamlining the Delivery/Pickup Process – By enhancing the navigation, mapping, route planning, tracking, and proof of delivery, the last-mile delivery management software can help you to boost the productivity of your business.
  • Complete Documentation – From the delivery booking to parcel delivery, all activities are recorded digitally. 
  • Supporting Digital-first Ecosystem – As it helps your business to change the process completely digital, you can unlock the next-gen working experience for your workforce. It’ll boost your value by ensuring readiness for the future. 

Considering these, adopting SpotnRides parcel pickup and delivery software will be beneficial for your courier delivery franchise/ business. 

Let’s Be Future-ready

As it’s completely customizable on your demand, you can adopt this software solution for any size of parcel delivery service. So, it can be a logistics delivery software solution for an enterprise-level parcel delivery service and can be a last-mile delivery management software solution for small-scale delivery businesses/franchises. To get more details on this software, contact our team now.

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