Launch Your Own Uber for Mechanics App to Connect Professional Car Mechanics with Users

Gone are the days where the automobile manufacturers are merely companies that builds car. Keeping in view the changing landscape because of technology and advances, automotive manufacturers are slowly moving towards making software solutions related to transport and electric mobility. This they do to keep them relevant. If they are doing, why don’t others related to the automotive industry be idle. 

Automobile repair and mechanical work is one such industry which has the potential to go big by embracing technology. Off late, mechanics are finding it hard to get work even though the demand is very high. So why not bring this field under the popular on-demand domain?

We have an app for literally every service and with just a swipe on the smartphone we can bring food to the doorsteps and send parcels to other end of the country. Similarly, even if you are a mechanic or an entrepreneur, you can help users car owners connect with mechanics quickly by launching a on-demand Mechanics app startup using uber like model.

What Real Benefits can this Uber for Mechanics Startups Bring to the World?

  • Mechanics can list their name in the Uber for mechanics app and swiftly attend any request without any idle time.
  • Car owners and fleet owners can access to any kind of skillful mechanics in any place without any time consuming calls.
  • Entrepreneurs can earn for every booking by investing nominal time and effort.
  • Yourmechanic is the market leader in Uber for mechanics market and offer 600+ services covering 2000 places in the US alone.

On-demand Mechanics booking app from SpotnRides

SpotnRides is one of the few makers of on-demand mechanics booking app solution from scratch. Our software solution is purchased and used by many entrepreneurs across the world.

Interfaces in our Uber like app for mechanics

  • Customer mobile app for booking mechanics.
  • Service provider app for mechanics to list the services.
  • Admin web app

Above three interfaces are available in both android and iOS. Our team of skilled professionals have built it in such a way to accommodate modifications without affecting the core functions.

Working of the app

  • The car owner downloads the customer mobile app and registers all details like address, current location, and specifications about the vehicle.
  • In the event of any need, the user search for mechanics near the current location and sends a request for service to specific mechanic. 
  • The mechanic gets the request on his service provider app and rejects or accepts request.
  • The mechanic use the GPS navigation in his app to spot the vehicle and notifies the user when the destination is reached.
  • After the service, the user can review and rate the work and the mechanic. Payment can be done in multiple ways in the customer app itself.
  • The admin monitors all the day to day orders and controls the service charge and order commission.
  • Any mechanic can list their name in the on-demand mechanic booking service and earn easily.

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Features present in our on-demand mechanic booking app

Customer app: 

GPS tracking – The customer can track the location of the mechanic from the time the request is accepted. The GPS Google map is intuitive to use and view.

Schedule service –  Some vehicles may require scheduled maintenance and for that the user can request a repair service beforehand itself. Calendar can be synced with the app to give remainder.

Payment system – Integrated payment system is available with our app solution. Ewallet and cash payment option can also be opted.

Service provider app:

Multiple service and easy registration –  The mechanic can register the service in the app in a matter of time. All payments can be viewed instantly. History of services are shown to get a clear view. Options are provided to add the type of skill and expertise.

In-app chat –  The in-app chat features enables the mechanic to chat with the customer care and the user regarding any grievances and updates.

Web admin app:

Offers and discounts –  All kinds of coupons, offers, discounts, and incentives to both the user and service provider can be sent via the admin web panel.

Analytics dashboard – The admin panel of our solution has advanced analytics system incorporated in it. It can be used to generate valuable reports required for the business operations.

This is the right time to launch an on-demand mechanics booking startup using our SpotnRides solution !

There can never be a better time than now. Quickly connect with us to get our solution. We also have limited time offer for immediate buyers. Let us discuss more about your business idea and your desire of the app solution. Coming to features, what is explained above is not exhaustive. 50+ unique features are present with us. 

You need not be technically proficient to handle this app business. We have best in class after sale assistance to give updates, maintenance, regarding the app. 

For more doubts and queries, tap a message to [email protected]. Our business team is looking to talk to you.


What will be the type of app development we undertake?

We are equipped to build apps in both Hybrid and Native area.

What is the total cost of development?

The basic app script comes at a fixed cost. Feature addition and customization costs extra.

Who can get this app?

If you are an existing mechanic and want to go online, then you can enter this startup business. Individual entrepreneurs can use this app as a marketplace platform.

Can we customise the app?

Yes, since the complete source code is given to you after purchase you can modify the solution independent of others.

Do we get any support from you after deployment?

We have an awesome technical assistance package for all clients. The cost of it is free for some time and after that we charge a nominal fee.

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