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Launch Your Own Roadside Assistance Business Services with Uber for Tow Trucks App

Roadside assistance and towing are there for many decades. But the problem here is that people find it very difficult to get their help in the middle of the highway or in a rural area. Nowadays there is an app for everything. Why don’t we have an app for users to book roadside assistance or a tow truck? This is exciting, isn’t it? It is similar to ordering food and booking a taxi using the app. The tow truck driver too can easily locate the stranded vehicle using the mobile app. This saves time.

If you are already running a traditional roadside assistance business can transform to Uber like app for tow truck booking. New entrepreneurs too can launch this app as a marketplace for roadside assistance and tow truck with little investment and earn a commission for every service. 

Now let me explain to you some basics.

Own roadside assistance and tow truck business require a towing truck, a driver, special types of equipment and other labors for assistance. Not only the towing service is available for breaking down vehicles but also for vehicles that are met with an accident. Normally, such business owners make $25,000 – $40,000 per year.  Among other countries, Canada has the large no. of tow trucks.

Problem with existing roadside assistance model

When your vehicle broke down midway you have to either call the towing company and explain them the exact place of your vehicle or you have to go to the towing company by any other means and bring them to the spot. In the first case, you may not know the phone no. or you may not know the place where your vehicle broke down. In the second case, you have to waste a lot of time. To get rid of these problems we can use Uber like app for this business.

Uber like app for towing and road assistance

If there is an Uber like app for booking roadside assistance, users can book it from anywhere and share the location. Also, the user can select the type of towing required for their vehicle. The exact spot of your vehicle can be marked on the map so that it is easy for the towing company. 

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How an app can make a difference?

I will give you an example of two companies that are in towing and road assistance business. “On-demand towing and recovery” is a US-based company working in Richmond since 1998. It is a leading company in this business. Similar to that, Honk Technologies is a marketplace for towing services, i.e. various other towing companies list their service at Honk technologies. Recently Honk technologies raised around $18 million from the investors. 

By comparing the two you can easily identify why a company like On-demand towing and recovery which is operating since 1998 couldn’t able to raise so much money like Honk technology. Because they haven’t moved to use an Uber like app for their company.  

We at SpotnRides provide Uber like app for your towing and road assistance business. We have a dedicated team of developers to make customized Uber like app based on clients requirements. Also, we offer after-sale assistance in case if the clients want to add some other features. Some of the features we provide in our Uber like app for towing  includes :

Book and Cancel appointments: Any time booking and cancellation of service in case if the service is not required by customers.

Accept/Reject request: In case the truck driver is not available, he can reject the request or accept immediately if he is available so that correct intimation is sent to the customer.

Verified service Providers: Customers can check the credibility of service providers by checking whether the service providers are verified.

Referral earnings and Friend invite: After using the service, customers can recommend the service to their friends and earn referral point which can be redeemed during the next service if any. 

Separate Dashboard for Truck drivers: The truck driver can manage the vehicle location,  Amount paid, Commission earned, etc, in his dashboard completely dedicated to the driver.

Above are some of the features offered at SpotnRides. Based on clients requirement and location we provide some other features. Since laravel based PHP framework for Uber like app development is used, we can ensure fast, highly secure and tight security app. 

Transforming your existing business to app-based tow truck booking will surely make a change to your firm. This can be an exciting business for new entrepreneurs. Join with us to launch your app-based tow truck booking. Email us to [email protected] for any doubts and queries. We are looking forward to partner with you.

Get Free Demo of Tow Truck Booking App  – WhatsApp | Skype

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