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The usage of high internet speed and smartphones has become prominent in our life. This brings the chances for business people to reach their customers easily with an online appearance. Getting visibility in the business has made it simple with an on-demand app like Gojek. Have you ever dreamed of building a business in the market with all amenities? If yes, then this article is for you.

In this article, we have discussed the on-demand multi-services app like Gojek and how to SpotnRides Gojek clone app helps you to get to the top of the market.

Gojek clone: Become a Next-Big Trendy Solution in On-demand Space

Gojek is an Indonesian on-demand multi-service app that covers a wide range of services like GoRide, GoSend, GoShop, and GoFood. At starting, Gojek helps the customers to connect with the courier delivery and ride-hailing service. After the growth, they have launched various on-demand services to provide multiple services to their users.

The multi-service-based business is gaining huge traction across the sea, this is considered a profitable business model in the on-demand space. Getting opt to the market trend will lead to the path of success. Building an app like Gojek needs high investment and time periods. Hence, the use of a pre-built version of the Gojek app makes the Gojek clone app development process simple. 

The Gojek clone app includes players like service consumers, merchants, and drivers are available. 

Gojek Clone for Consumers – Comprises the users to use a wide variety of services from the Gojek clone app. This segment includes as follows 

  • Users who are looking for quick access to multiple services at a time,
  • Getting reliable service at a reasonable price,
  • Able to get adapted to a variety of choices.

Gojek Clone for Merchants – The service provider can reach a wide range of customers in the market and get brand visibility quickly with the Gojek clone app.

  • Allows to list out the services that offering,
  • Can manage everything digitally, 
  • Able to trace their service digitally.

Gojek Clone for Drivers – Grant the flexible working hours for the delivery agents and able to get additional charges as tips for fulfilled service.

  • Can manage the route planning,
  • Let the driver reach the destination shortly,
  • Able to trace the user’s feedback and rectify it later.

The Gojek clone app gives equal importance to the end-users and this helps the entrepreneur to build strong brand awareness. In SpotnRides, we develop the Gojek clone script with additional care to make the service enhanced in the market with proper features and interfaces. Take a brief look at the SpotnRides multi-services app like Gojek in the upcoming section.

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How Gojek Clone from SpotnRides Fits Emerging Trends?

We at SpotnRides offer a licensed Whitelabel Gojek clone app solution for entrepreneurs with tech-rich features. Here, we formed a group of adept developers to help the young entrepreneurs to achieve their goals through a digital interface with the perfect app to robust the business. 

Our Gojek clone script is available as a set of packages that comes with an admin panel, customer app, and service provider app. The entrepreneur who invests in the Gojek clone app development acts as the admin that allows the admin to connect the app with various services like taxi-hailing, service booking, alcohol delivery, and many more. 

Perks of choosing our Gojek clone script as follows, 

  1. Require Minimal Cost – Since we are providing the pre-developed Gojek clone app, the cost is affordable and entrepreneurs can also get benefited from quick launch and 24/7 support during before and after launch support.
  2. Easy to Use – We designed the app for Gojek with understandable widgets and that helps the users to navigate easily. This improves the user’s experience and ability to keep them engaged with the service. 
  3. Ability to Reach Globally – With our well-developed Gojek clone app, you can gather the customer’s attention from the market and be able to generate high revenue. As a result, the entrepreneur can launch the service across the sea shortly.

Specialized Metrics of SpotnRides Gojek Clone to Uplift Your Productivity

  • In-app Call/Chat – This feature allows the customer to chat or call the service provider to get the inquiries clear and the personal details will not be shared. This improves service security and breaks the barriers of communication. 
  • Real-time Navigation – Available for the end-players to track the booked service in real-time without any hassle between the tracking of the service. This improves the service transparency quickly and hence the player retention is possible for more productivity.
  • Service Ratings – One of the main features that help you to generate valuable feedback from the customers instantly after every service. The negative feedback can be monitored and overcome the issues in the upcoming orders. 
  • Pop-up Notifications – Keeps the customers update with the current offers and updates easily and able to bring back the customers on each offer update. One of the simplest ways to reach more customers and hence the revenue is high. 


In this digital world, an app like Gojek will be the apt one for startup entrepreneurs to launch their business in the on-demand space. We at SpotnRides made the Gojek clone script with extra care that allows you to manage the multi-service easily at your fingertips. Book our experienced developers to bring the uniqueness of your business plan, reach us today by dropping us a mail at [email protected].

Get Free Demo of Gojek Clone App – WhatsApp | Skype

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