Introduce a Brand New On-Demand Beauty Services Startup to Book Beauticians in a App Using Our SpotnRides Solution

When was the last time you have been to a salon or spa? Definitely, you would have experienced some problems like long waiting time, exorbitant price, and not so good service. Also, you have to get the service from salons at a convenient time. But, these problems are no longer there after the advent of on-demand app based beauty service.

With Uber like on-demand services disrupting the traditional businesses, all other services are jumping into the on-demand market. Home beauty service is no different.

So many people might ask,

Why use in-home on-demand beauty service when we have plenty of salons and parlors?

  • You can choose your own stylist
  • Convenient time for you can be selected
  • No need to wait
  • Why go to the salon when you can get the service at home?

Women entrepreneurs

Female aspiring entrepreneurs can take this business with confidence. It is not necessary to be a beautician or require knowledge about the salon business. Also, this is the only area where more than 90% of the workforce are women. If you are good at networking, then it is an added advantage. You can add a lot of beauticians, hair experts, and manicure, pedicure experts to your business with a percentage of commission for every service.

A background check is done for every beauty persons enrolled and is provided with verified ID cards. 


One million professionals-hairdressers, beauticians and cosmetologists are there in the US. Among them, 30 % of the workforce are self employed. Remaining 70% of professionals are working and have the chance to earn money by freelancing. This idle workforce, when tapped, can create ripples in the on-demand beauty service business. In the weekends, these professionals can enroll them in the on-demand business and earn more.

For Users

Many people have a misconception that in house beauty service is only for affluent people and celebrities. This is not the case now, with the opening of on-demand services. Customers are ready to shell out money for the beauty services if what they get is of high quality and reliability. Since verified ID cards are provided for beauticians, customers can use the service with utmost belief.

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The Uber for home beauty service can be conceived in two models

On-demand: On-site

This model is similar to that of  Uber for X. With just a tap on the mobile,  you can book a beauty professional but the customer doesn’t care about the service provider she is opting. 

On-demand: On-site aggregation

This involves reverse auctioneering of freelancers and use it to fill the empty slots in the schedules. Reverse auctioneering involves the users selecting from a range of professionals based on their background and ratings. Different freelance professionals may quote different pricing for their services. 

Established players in this business

Glamsquad: This US based beauty startup raised around $10 million so far. In the US it is functioning only in LA and New York. Here, you can choose the type of makeup or the look you want in the app. 

Vensette: It is similar to Glamsquad, but it provides premium services. The cost of makeup starts from $100.

Swan: It is based on the on-demand onsite model with a choice of freelancers providing the in house beauty services. It serves only in Dallas and Austin.

This business is highly beneficial to women entrepreneurs who are passionate about beauty and want to make a mark in entrepreneurship. The main plus point with this business is the less overall capital and zero inventory. Sice, this is one of the on-demand business models, it is imperative to use a top notch app solution.

To make the work easy, we have our own Uber like app for beauty services – SpotnRides. SpotnRides is pre built and it is now ready as a minimum usable product. If you are interested in app-based beauty services startups, please partner with us for our solution. We can have a one-on-one discussion for design changes, customization and deploy the app quickly. So, you can launch your startup swiftly.

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