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[Infographic] What Are the Underlying Concerns of an On-demand Taxi Firm and How Does SpotnRides Help to Alleviate Them?

Entrepreneurs and investors are increasingly looking toward the sharing economy and the ridesharing industry for new business opportunities. One of the most notable businesses that have benefited from the rise of the sharing economy is the taxi company. With the introduction of on-demand taxi services, the taxi company has been redefined.

Instead of individual drivers with their own private cars, the on-demand taxi company operates through a fleet of taxis that can be ordered by customers through a smartphone app. Anyone can now become a taxi driver. However, the on-demand taxi firm is not without its fair share of challenges.

This infographic from SpotnRides titled “What Are the Underlying Concerns of an On-demand Taxi Firm and How Does SpotnRides Help to Alleviate Them?” is a helpful guide to understanding the concerns in the on-demand taxi services and the remedies from SpotnRides for such issues.

taxi booking app like uber


When the on-demand taxi firm is operated through a smartphone app, safety can be compromised. The taxi booking app like Uber from SpotnRides provides customers with a location and movement track of their driver. With that information, customers are able to track the driver’s location and create a risk of a threat to their security.

To mitigate this concern, the app allows customers to set up a trace on the driver. Through this feature, customers can trace their driver’s movement and help to ensure their security. In addition to the trace feature, customers are also provided with an in-app rating system.

Through the rating system, customers are able to give feedback about their drivers. This enables them to request better drivers or to give feedback about the driver’s service. With the rating system and the trace feature, customers are provided with a strong toolkit to mitigate the underlying concerns of the on-demand taxi firm.


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