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Increase the Revenue Streams of Your Taxi Business with Ola App Clone

Revenue and value are the primary things for any job or business. As an entrepreneur in the taxi industry, you should try to improve your revenue and business values effectively. You must pay attention to the technical and feasible methods to do this.

By reading this blog you will get a clear idea about the revenue streams of a taxi business and the methods to unlock the multiple revenue streams with an app like Ola. Let’s get into the blog.

An Inro to Ola Clone App 

Ola is the third-largest ride-hailing app with more than 200 million customers and 2 million drivers. Ola has been implementing very strategic business and revenue plans to be the largest one in the world. 

So, it is advisable to do research on Ola and follow its effective strategies of it in your taxi business. If you are focusing on the UK, then you must do it because Ola is currently focusing on the UK market. So, it will implement the new strategies to hold a major part in the ride-hailing market of the European country.

As per the official data, Ola is the UK’s first taxi app that is dedicated to both private hire vehicles and metered taxis. That’s why you should get an app like Ola for your taxi business to compete in the UK taxi market. 

Ola clone is nothing but a replica of the Ola app. But the best part is, that you can customize the Ola app clone to deliver your business uniqueness through the app. It has many unexplored ways to monetize your taxi business. So, develop app like Ola to unlock those revenue streams.

What Is Revenue Stream and Its Types?

Before exploring multiple revenue streams of your taxi application, you should know about the business model, revenue model, and also revenue stream of an online taxi business. 

In common. the primary key resource of a typical taxi business is the mobile app, taxi drivers, and other staff. The business has key partners like developers, car maintenance firms, and other technology solution providers. 

Try to make an effective business model with other segments like the best target customers, value proposition, and customer relationship methods for your business.

On another hand, the revenue model of a business deals with the cost and the revenue streams. The main cost for the taxi business is to develop an app, salary for the staff, and maintenance cost of the assets. 

The revenue stream is nothing but the sources of income through which you will earn money. Generally, you can classify the revenue streams into four. They are, 

  • Recurring Revenue Stream- This term means the revenues that are stable and expected to continue in the future at regular intervals. An Autorenewal subscription is an example of this revenue method.
  • Transactional Revenue Stream-  The revenue generated by selling a product or service is called a transactional revenue stream.
  • Project Revenue – Earning money by completing a project for the customers is called project revenue. 
  • Services Revenue – If you have this kind of revenue model then, you will be paid respect to the amount of time that you provide your service to the customers. For the taxi business, the waiting charge is a great example of this income stream.

These are the types of revenue streams. You can cover all these types of revenue types with an app like Ola for your taxi business. Let us discuss it in the next part.

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How Unlock Multiple Revenue Streams with Ola Clone Script?

By exploring all revenue streams of your taxi business, you will get the idea to improve the ROI and be able to implement the pricing strategies effectively. 

  • The main income source of the taxi business is commission on a trip. Usually, it ranges from 15% to 20% of the total fare of a trip. This share may seem very low, but you will get a huge amount when multiple users use your taxi booking app daily. 
  • Usually, most taxi companies have been using the chances to increase the fare rate by charging for waiting, fares based on distance or time, and toll and parking fees. These will indirectly increase the revenue per user rate of your business.
  • In addition to this, you can get additional income through the booking fee for the advanced booking, cancellation fee, service fee, and others.
  • You can also earn from the banner ads on your taxi booking app and driver app. This will ensure seamless revenue from your app.
  • As one step forward, you can tie up with any financial institution like banks or others to facilitate your customers to pay with their credit cards. Through which you will get a commission from the financial institution when a customer pays for your service with their credit card. 
  • Provide diversified service to the customers. For example, provide business-class rides along with economical taxi services. Through which the range of potential customers will increase; that means high ROI. 

These are the basic revenue streams of a taxi booking app like Ola. You can get more benefits and monetizing options when you have the best Ola clone app. Look into such lucrative benefits of the best readymade Ola like app. 

Additional Monetizing Methods Through the Taxi Booking App like Ola

The above-mentioned revenue streams are a few of the benefits of an app like Ola. When you choose to build taxi app like Ola, you can implement more innovative ideas to generate more income. 

Here are some examples of creative ideas to create more revenue streams with your taxi booking app like Ola.

  1. Try To Integrate Subscription Model – You can provide extended care for your customers to generate income from that. For instance, Ola has recently launched a service named ‘Ride Advantage’. Through this, the customer can get a hold of their things if they forgot to carry them from the taxi. 

You can also implement such services to the customers and allow them to access them by paying a premium or subscription amount for every month. Through this, you will get recurring revenue. 

  1. Get Corporate Deals- To get more corporate deals, your business should be reliable and standard. By doing this, you will get additional commissions from the corporate. If the firm avails your service for a single day of use, it will be the project revenue stream.

There is also a possibility of getting recurring revenue from the corporate deals. All you need that focus on is perfection in the taxi service with Ola clone script

  1. In-Built Wallet –You can impress your customers with cashback points, gift vouchers, and other offers. When you have an in-built wallet facility, this marketing strategy can be implemented easily and be profitable. 

Invite new customers with cashback points that can be redeemed when they use your app to book taxis. This will improve the customer base and reduce the commission for third-party wallet services. 

  1. Cross-Selling and Affiliate Marketing – When customers completed a trip, motivate them with a gift voucher from your wallet that can be redeemed on other third-party products. Through which your customers may buy the product because of your gift card. 

By doing this, you will get a commission from the concerned third party. It helps you to raise money through the transactional revenue stream.

So, you can earn money through these ideas. From these points, you can see that a taxi booking app like Ola has the potential to make more money. So, get such a lucrative mobile app for your taxi business. 

Step by Step Process of Availing of an Ola Clone

There are many ways to get an Ola clone app but you have to find the effective one. In this part, you will explore the step-by-step process of availing of the best Ola clone app. 

  • First of all, try to find out the things and features that you include in your taxi booking app,
  • Search for the best app clone developing firm online,
  • Research about the firm to check their expertise and service quality,
  • Then contact the concerned person of the firm,
  • Clearly explain your need and get a quotation,
  • Then book and get your customized Ola app clone for your online taxi business.

By following these instructions you will get the best Ola clone app from the top-rated app developing solution providers. Fortunately, currently, you are landed on such an acclaimed Ola clone developing firm named SpotnRides. 

Here, we have a high-end developers team to provide the operational Ola clone script in no time. Let’s discover the features and benefits of the Ola clone from us.

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Key Features and Benefits of the Ola Clone App from Spotnrides

Having futuristic features you can provide endless benefits to your users (customers and drovers) through your mobile application. You will get a taxi booking app, diver app, and admin panel with this Ola clone script. Here is the list of highlighted features and benefits of the Ola clone app from us. 

  • Allow your users to sign in with their social accounts,
  • Empower your drivers with flexible working timing as per their needs,
  • Deliver manifold services to your customers in a single interface,
  • Integrate your app with new tech solutions to ensure future-ready taxi service,
  • Do the capability planning and other measurement processes with a detailed report from the admin panel,
  • Reach more potential costumes with referrals and other strategies with the Ola clone, etc.

Simply, you can transfer your business value to the customers potentially with our Ola clone script. With this Ola clone app, you can establish a network of drivers, and consumers to supply the demand. Through which you can earn money. 


As the final recall, you should unlock more revenue streams to generate more income from your taxi booking app. You can choose the Ola clone script as the best choice to do that. Especially, the Ola clone app will be effective in the UK taxi market as it can integrate the PHV and meter taxis.

SpotnRides can develop app like Ola for your taxi business that has the potential to access multiple revenue streams. So, get the pre-eminent taxi booking app from the leading app clone solution provider. 

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