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How to Reduce Possibilities of No-show in Doctor Appointments with MDLIVE Clone App?

The online doctor booking platform is one of the benefits of technological breakthroughs in the healthcare industry. With this online platform like doctor booking app, the patients can get an appointment with the doctors in no time.

The same tech solution has plotted a way out for the practitioners to get more patient appointments. So, the business based on this platform has high possibilities of success if it comprises operational strategies.

So, you can avail an online doctor booking app like MDLIVE clone to make passive income from the platform. Let’s check more details on this now.

Start Your Healthcare Business with App like MDLIVE

Nowadays, there are many opportunities for business that have been raised compared to previous decades. The online doctor booking platform is one of them which is in high demand in the present market.

A recent report shows that 67% of patients have been preferring online booking. So, you can start a business in this industry to get revenue. But it is not so easy. You must deliver the main purpose of this industry ‘patient satisfaction’ to obtain success.

As it is a completely online process, the platform you use to connect doctors and patients must be as effective as possible. You are advised to avail of an app like MDLIVE for your healthcare business. MDLIVE is one of the successful online doctor booking apps in the region of Florida, USA. By getting an app like MDLIVE, your business will get a high success rate, particularly in the US.

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How a MDLIVE Clone App Can Dominate the US Market?

The MDLIVE clone app can attract many patients by reducing the stress and anxiety of the patients to get appointments with doctors. It can make the online appointment process simple with few taps.

This MDLIVE clone script can dominate the US healthcare market as the MDLIVE is already successful in the same market. You can check the following statistics of MDLIVE recently reported by Growjo.


  • The estimated annual revenue of MDLIVE is currently USD156 million per year,
  • The revenue per employee for MDLIVE is calculated as USD 342,900,
  • The total funding of MDLIVE is USD 198.6 million.


So, you can hold a great part of the US healthcare market with the MDLIVE clone app. Convincing features of the MDLIVE clone script are also one of the reasons behind this. But At the same time, you have to focus on the possible risks with the online doctor booking app like MDLIVE clone. Let’s discuss it in the next part.

Why Should You Reduce Possibilities of No-shows in Doctor Appointment?

You can avoid technical errors by choosing the best MDLIVE clone app script solution providers. But, the workflow risks like No-show appointments, can be avoided only by following effective strategies.

What is a No-show?

This term is one of the important terms in the doctor booking service.  That means the patients who missed or avoided an appointment. The term has been varying concerning geographical location. For example, in the UK, it is known as ‘DNA (did not attend). However, you must implement as many strategies as you can to avoid the rate of no-shows.

Did you know the statistics?

The estimated annual loss caused by missed medical appointments (no-shows) is USD 150 billion per year.

That means you may lose your profit if the no-show rate increases. That’s why you should prevent it by following operative strategies like the digital front-door strategy. It can be easily implemented through apps like MDLIVE clone.

Execute Digital Front-door Strategy with MDLIVE Clone Script

Let’s know the digital front door strategy first. It is a strategy for engaging and remembering patients about the patient journey through multiple touchpoints. The patient journey is a term used to mention a patient’s experience in every stage of consulting from booking an appointment to putting in a review.

An effective digital front door strategy can improve productivity, higher patient satisfaction, and also retention rate. This will positively impact your revenue. The digital front door strategy is interacting with the customers before and after the consultation process.

By following this strategy you can remind yourself about the upcoming consultation date and schedule in a friendly manner. This may create a personal connection with your patient. By making it, they can be converted into your brand advocates.

Automation and being able to convey productivity and consistency of your business are the primary properties of this strategy. It can be executed with a mobile app like MDLIVE. You can send a reminder with custom notifications. You can interact with your patients through in-built messages, chatbots, mail, SMS, and other social media of your patients.

The details of the customer mail ID, mobile number, and other social media IDs can be gathered with an MDLIVE clone app. So, availing of the best ready made MDLIVE like app will be helpful for your business to reduce the no-shows in the doctor booking.

How to Choose the Best Online Doctor Booking App?

Availability of the best MDLIVE clone app script is a crucial thing that you should pay attention to. You should choose the best doctor booking app clone solution provider to get such an operative MDLIVE clone script. This script contains three apps for patients, doctors, and the admin panel respectively.

The patient app can support your patients by providing online self-scheduling, pre-registration or check-in for in-person visits, in-app telehealth, multiple payments, review, and ratings. The doctor app has the features like a digital schedule management panel, profile management, in-app communications with patients, and can do surveys to enhance their service, and others.

The admin panel is the dashboard through which you can manage the workflow, user data, revenue streams, and all other elements of the online doctor booking app like MDLIVE clone.

SpotnRides can effectively deliver these functionalities by developing the best app for doctor booking (MDLIVE clone app). You can also get the custom MDLIVE clone app to deliver your uniqueness through the app solution.

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No-shows in doctor appointments are one of the factors of business loss. So, try to weed out the possibilities of no-shows by executing the digital front door strategy.  To do that you must possess the best doctor booking app.

SpotnRides has been developing a ready made MDLIVE clone script; through which you can provide urgent care, virtual primary care, behavioral health, and other services along with doing online appointments.  It is also capable of executing the digital front door strategy to reduce the no-shows.

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