How to Manage Multiple Agencies with SpotnRides Taxi Dispatch Panel?

SpotnRides is basically a taxi booking app solution like Uber. Our base solution is similar to Uber but we made extensive changes and added new functionalities to make our solution different from the rest. We have many satisfied users across the world with many of the startups running very well.

After releasing our on-demand taxi booking app solution we decided to aid traditional taxi companies who have their own taxis and are struggling to transform. For them, we developed a taxi dispatch system with management tools. So far we have got good responses from this product.

Traditional taxis who are looking to adopt digital technologies and need to suit the present trend shall use SpotnRides comprehensive solution. Our taxi dispatch system does more than just taxi dispatching. Before going deep into the topic let me write down some points about the things a dispatch system can do.

What can Taxi Management and Dispatch System do to your Traditional Company?

Own taxi fleets require maintenance and the cost of it must be managed efficiently. With a dispatch system this work is automated and notifications are displayed at constant intervals.

Effectively handling the dispatch work. Since everything is automated, no confusion will be there while allocating taxis for ride requests.

Instant alerts are sent when any dispatched taxi is not following the specific route or in case of any emergency.

There will be a centralized dispatch web that has multiple panels with different functions so that all matters regarding the taxi company can be managed from the web app.

The dispatcher system also allows for manual taxi dispatching. It can be switched to auto mode anytime. The algorithm in it is so smart that it works without any issues.

Many time-consuming activities you have encountered in your traditional taxi booking are automated or at least made quick. With our SpotnRides taxi dispatch system it is also possible to integrate fleet management to handle multiple taxi fleets at different locations.

The dispatcher panel is the most sophisticated of all in our solution. We will see the major functionalities in the dispatcher panel so that you can relate it with your company’s functions.

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Multiple area taxi dispatch

This function is custom built by SpotnRides team after consulting with our existing users and the need for multiple area dispatch management is indeed there.

Taxi dispatches from different places are carried out to match the demand from vast areas. For this purpose we provide a dispatcher web for each dispatch center. All are connected centrally to an admin panel. This admin panel is a web app and all the dispatches and bookings can be supervised from this.

Analytics report

The dispatcher dashboard has an analytics panel. Daily/weekly/monthly reports on the functions of the business are consolidated and displayed as useful information. Analytics tools are used to accomplish this and with the advent of big data it is possible to process large information and derive useful results. These valuable insights are very useful in finding pain points and making better decisions.

Bookings management

If you are an established taxi company, then there will be a standard inflow of taxi bookings. The booking management system works both manually and automatically. Any number of bookings are digitally managed and taxis and drivers are assigned to it without human intervention. In a few cases, the bookings can be assigned manually to specific cars and drivers. The taxi assigning algorithm is so perfect that it will not face any clash.

SpotnRides is constantly working to improve this process so that any volume of requests are seamlessly managed.

Emergency response

The customer and driver app will have an in-app chat option and messages can be sent from it to the admin. There is also an emergency button in these apps and any usage of it will send an alert to the dispatcher web.

The dispatcher web has a panel to track the rides and send instant alerts to drivers if the specified path is not followed. These functions are aimed at the safety and security of the users.

This is the broad function of our SpotnRides taxi dispatch web panel. With SpotnRides taxi dispatch solution you can manage many dispatch centers effortlessly and avoid hassles.

Personalization of dispatch interface from SpotnRides

The multi-area taxi dispatch dashboard can be further customized to add or remove any features. Our team is completely equipped with the skills and tools to carry out any additional personalizations in the dispatch app.

SpotnRides dispatch solution is made using Laravel and PHP framework; MongoDB is used to ensure easy scaling; Swift is the programming language used for iOS development. We make sure the technology stack we use to develop is flexible for customization.

Final say!

Now is the right time for traditional taxi firms to transform digitally by embracing taxi dispatch solutions like SpotnRides. Some of the functions I mentioned above are unique to us and we got more such surprises for other interfaces also.

Make sure you tap us an email to [email protected] We are looking forward to being a partner with you!

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