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How To Gain Your Brand Advocates By Developing A Handyman Mobile App?

Are you heard about brand advocacy? It is one of the marketing methods that can be driven by improving customer service and satisfaction. If you read this term for the first time, don’t worry. You can collect complete details about the same throughout this blog.

This marketing method is a common strategy that can be exected in your handyman business. In this part, a handyman app like Uber can help you to implement the strategy online. Let’s get to the point.

What Is Brand Advocacy?

Brand advocacy is a term that refers to the strategy to convert your customers to support your product or service continuously. The customer will do this, when they are closest to your beans and love your service and product. That means it is one of the benefits of the best customer service and experience.

Through these, you can make many brand advocates who are loyal customers recommend your product strongly. If you are an entrepreneur, you must pay attention to this. Because this strategy has the potential to make a more new customer base, even without any cost. In the next part, we will explain the importance of brand advocacy for your handyman business.

Why Should You Focus On Brand Advocacy Strategy For Your Handyman Business?

The brand advocacy directly works effectively based on word of mouth marketing strategy. This can be done by your employee, partners, influencers, and your customers. These are the common classification of brand advocates.

As per the LinkedIn executive editor’s statement, the employees of a firm who reshare the company’s social posts are the main reason for 20% of the overall engagement. 

So, not only the customers but the employees are also the best choice to do the brand advocacy strategy. But only 2% of the employees do so on LinkedIn as per the report. That’s why you need to focus on your customers. 

As per the statistics of Invesp, brand advocacy drive nearly 6 Trillion USD in annual customer spending. And a customer has 90% of trust in a brand when it is recommended through word of mouth from his/ her friend.  

So, you need to work on the brand advocacy strategy. The customer who advocate for your product automatically, share their opinion on their social media. This type of content related to your business will be reliable to other readers. As per the data from Mention, there are 46% of people will trust the UGC (User Generated Content). It ranked top among other content.

 Brand advocates have the potential to generate a high conversion rate at the low cost of marketing. Tesla can be an example of this. It gained more revenue with low-budget marketing when it introduced its model 3. The firm achieved this through a referral program. That means brand advocacy. So, start focusing on it now to boost your handyman business revenue.

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How To Make Brand Advocacy With Your Handyman App?

When you satisfy your customers, they will recommend your product or service. The customer experience and customer service are the two important things that can boost your brand advocacy. In this part, you will explore the ways to improve brand advocacy through an application. 

Personal Connection – Every customer should be able to connect with your business personally.  This is the first step to establishing a good customer relationship. In your handyman business, take care of your customer even after you get paid, to improve the personal connection.

For example, a consumer books your service to fix a pipe. After you fix that and get the payment, you can send any newsletters or SMS or Notification about the tips to maintain the pipe system.  These are some tools to improve your CRM (Customer Relationship Management). 

Listen To Your Consumers-  You must listen to your customer about your service. It may be a positive or negative opinion but you should make a dedicated place to get feedback from your customer. This will improve the CX of your handyman business. 

By allowing your customers to write about your business on social media, you can boost the social reach of your brand. 

Appreciate And Suprise Your Customer – All people love to hear appreciation. So, appreciate your customer and surprise them when you get the chance. For instance, if a particular customer spends 100 USD with your application, then send them appreciation and thankful mail along with a surprise gift card or anything. It will provoke the candidates to use your service and keep them active.

Help Your Customers To Be Loud – Sometimes, on social media, some of your customers share their personal experiences with your service by tagging you. Try to reply and highlight them on your page and encourage them to post more about you. 

A handyman app can help them to provide their feedback on social media easily once they complete the online transcription with the handyman app. It will help to increase the UGC (User Generated Content).

Customer Case Study – When you display a case study of a customer on your touchpoints, will build trust in the visitors and the concerned customers will be your permanent customers. Mobile application is one of the best touchpoints to do the same. 

In this digital world, customers need doorstep service with a single tap. With a handyman app, you can provide it along with the above-mentioned methods.  

Tips To Improve Your Marketing Funnel With Handyman App Clone From SpotnRides?

Making brand advocates is the final phase of a marketing funnel. It is not about hiring or paid promotions of a brand but the customer’s interest in sharing about a product and recommending it. We already crossed the ways to improve it through an application. Now, we introduce the ready-to-app solution for your handyman business. 

It is different from developing an application from scratch. It takes some time to deploy but a ready-to-use app or Uber for handyman app couldn’t take much time. This handyman app clone has the efficiency to execute the strategy to make your customers brand advocates. 

  • IncreaseCustomers Delight Through Promo Code And Referral System,
  • Improve User Experience With Attractive Interface and Features,
  • Fasten The Payment Process With Wallet Based Payments,
  • Integrated Social Media Tool To Boost UGC,
  • Value Your Consumers With A Customer-Centric Platform, etc.

SpotnRides has been providing such a feature-filled app clone solution for your handyman business. You can provide the best customer service through which highly satisfied customers will recommend your service.

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Brand advocacy is one of the powerful tools to boost the revenue of your handyman business. You have to focus on customer experience and service to establish brand advocates. These are the people who recommend and support your product strongly online and also offline. 

You can use the app clone solution like uber for a handyman to improve CX and motivate the UGC online. SpotnRides have the best team to provide such a ready-to-use app solution for your handyman business.

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