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How to Be Unique in Brazil’s Taxi Industry with Same Day Payment System of App like 99 Taxi?

According to the report from WorldData, Brazil has been generating more than 3 billion USD through the tourism sector alone. That means the country is also the best place to start a taxi business. If you have such a plan, kick start the process of developing a mobile application for the taxi business.

In this blog, you can check the statistics and analysis of developing an app like 99taxi to be unique in the market. Let’s get into the topic.

Enter into Brazil Taxi Industry with a Perfect App

The tourists and the local people of Brazil are the targeted audiences of your taxi business. But how will you initiate the process and enter the taxi market in the country? It is advisable, to develop your online business platform and also offline base to initiate the business, only after having the best business and revenue model. 

Many entrepreneurs prefer Uber clones for their taxi business. Preferring an app clone is a good decision but choosing the same way which many go through is not the ideal one. Many taxi businesses have recorded success with their exclusive mobile application. You can also make a uniqueness by launching a customized app clone other than Uber. 

You can go with the app clone of 99taxi. It is the biggest Brazilian e-hailing app and the second app that is mostly used by the people in the landscape. Since its inception in 2012, it is currently functioning in more than 1,600 cities with 18 million users and 6,00,000 drivers. This app also has some inimitable features that make it unique from Uber. So, build taxi app like 99taxi to enter the taxi market in the South American country.

How Is 99Taxi App Differ from Uber?

As per the latest report from Statista, the 99taxi app has contributed nearly 12.2 billion Brazilian reals to the GDP of Brazil. Through these statistics, you can realize the potential of the ride-hailing app.

Beyond the statistics, the 99taxi is a hard competitor and impossible to eliminate for Uber in Brazil. It has some strong strategies that make the app differ from Uber. For instance, both firms have introduced a new fare calculation method, in recent days. 

Uber has announced that the driver will get 45 or 55 cents on each ride done by them due to a fuel price hike. On another hand, the 99taxi announced that the driver will get an extra 0.10 USD per km for every 1.00 USD increase in fuel rate. Despite the concept being the same, the execution process and strategy vary depending on each firm. 

The settlement for the driver is also another best example of this. Both Uber and 99taxi have been providing a same-day payment system. But, Uber usually follows the weekly payment system to distribute the money to drivers. It also has a same-day payment system that can be used only on the demand of drivers. 

The 99taxi has been providing the same-day payment process for its drivers regularly. So, it can achieve dedicative participation from drivers. Let’s check more about this in detail in the next part. 

Beyond this, there are some subtle differences between Uber and 99taxi in driver commission, discount rate, payment, customer rating, and other seasonal offers. But, there are no major differences in the business model and revenue model of Uber and 99taxi. 

Both have the common aggregator business model powered by a taxi booking application. They generate revenue by getting commissions for each successful ride.

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Enhance Your Driver Participation with Same Day Payment System

The same-day payment system allows the driver to get their share of the total earnings through rides instantly on the same day. It is possible with the help of a debit card-like system. 

Initially, online taxi aggregators have done the settlement process weekly manner. It was done through the online clearinghouse system each week. But the same-day payment system empowers the driver to get their day-to-day share of that same day. It encourages the drivers every day to gain more money.

The 99taxi has implemented this fattest settlement process in Brazil with 99taxi cards for its driver to get their payment rapidly. They can withdraw their money or purchase with the card.  

There is no limitation to applying for this card. Any driver who has logged in to the app can apply. The physical card will be reached the premises of drivers within 12 working days. It is the highlighted feature of 99taxi. 

You can also follow such a strategy to attract more taxi drivers and improve their participation in this business. By providing this facility, the drivers rely on your taxi business service in a short time. 

When you have a reliable driver base, you can ensure rapid pickup service to your customers. All you need is an innovative idea to implement the same-day settlement process. At the same time, you should have an effective mobile application to implement such ideas. 

Gain More Conversion Rate with an App like 99Taxi

As per a recent report from Statista, around 71 percent of smartphone users have been using a ride-hailing app in Brazil. So, the taxi booking app is the primary touchpoint of your business and it is the platform to make the taxi booking process online. Such a platform should be an effective tool to implement your business strategies. 

By developing an app line 99taxi, you can achieve drivers involvement, customer satisfaction, and a high conversion rate. The 99taxi app clone script has the following lucrative features that can deliver your business values to the users (both divers and customers).

  • Diversified Service – Through the app, you can easily onboard many drivers with various types of vehicles. Through this, you can categorize the service by the vehicle type. Allow your customers to choose the type of ride they want online with the app.
  • Safety Measures – When onboarding the drivers, your 99taxi app clone will collect the necessary documents and other details to ensure their eligibility of them to drive safely.
  • Focus On Customer-Centric Model – You can allow your customers to review and rate a driver and the ride. In addition to this, they can raise complaints if they are facing any trouble with the app. So, that you can take immediate action on it. This will reduce the difficulties of your customers and improve the CX.
  • Feasible To Book – The 99taxi clone app allow your customers to interact with the interface of the app and explore more about your service. They can book a ride, multiple rides, or a corporate service with the online platform. With the user-friendly interface, they can easily do these on your app.
  • Revenue Generating Model – This 99taxi app clone script allows you to get the power of in-app purchases. Through this, you can cross-sell any product or implement your freemium model in the app.
  • Secure And Multiple Payment Methods – The app can be integrated with multiple payment gateways. So, you can allow your customer to pay their bill in many methods in a protected manner. When you extended this facility you can enable the same-day settlement for your drivers.

These are the working features of the 99taxi app clone. By availing this from SpotnRides, you can make a customized app clone solution. This will help you to create a unique app for your taxi business in the Brazil raid-hailing market. 

By getting the 99 taxi app clone from us, you can deliver a high-end seamless service to the users. This will improve customer satisfaction.

A report from Statista shows, that nearly 75% of internet users in Brazil used social media. That means, your satisfied customer will refer your product on this platform. Through this, you can obtain a high conversion rate for your service.

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A distinctive app like 99taxi with some customization is needed to break into Brazil’s taxi industry. SpotnRides has been developing top-notch app clone solutions for many businesses including taxi services.

You can avail of our intellectual team of developers to build an app like 99taxi to compete with distinctive features. So, choose the better option to get the best results.

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