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How to Avoid Conventional Dilemmas in Choosing The Best Route with a Delivery Planner Software?

In recent times, the need for delivery services has been increasing as the number of on-demand businesses increased. Some businesses have their delivery team and fleet for their supply chain. Some businesses hire or outsource delivery services for their needs. On the other hand, there are plenty of B2B delivery services available to deliver services.

However, if you need to improve the efficiency of your delivery process, you need some technological advancement. In this blog, you can check out how delivery planner software helps you to enhance your delivery service by eliminating the common dilemmas in choosing the best route. 

What is Delivery Route Planning Software?

A delivery planner software is a technical tool to suggest the best route to deliver a product or multiple products. The software has been made possible by machine learning algorithms, predictive intelligence, real-time and historical data integration, and others. 

The main objective of this software is reporting the best way to reach the drooping location, real-time traffic situation, predicted traffic data, and weather forecasting to the delivery person. By having these data, the delivery person can optimize their routes depending on the concurrent situation.

A perfect delivery planner software can suggest the best way to connect multiple delivery points in a single trip. This will reduce the time to plan for the lengthy delivery list with multiple tools like digital maps, phone calls, SMS, and others. In simple words, with a delivery planner management app a delivery person can automate the delivery planning process easily. 

Which Types of Businesses Need Delivery Planner Management App?

As we have seen before, there are multiple on-demand businesses providing doorstep delivery services. But all of them need not use this delivery route planning software. In particular, the business which outsources the delivery services need to use this software; but they have to pay a huge amount of their income to the delivery service provider.

All other businesses that have a delivery crew and fleet themselves, aggregator delivery persons, and also the delivery service providers must need such software to manage their delivery process. 

By availing of this delivery planner management software, they can monitor the delivery person during the delivery process and do the following things.

  • Track the real-time location of the delivery person,
  • In-app connectivity between driver-manager-customer can be established,
  • Enhanced mapping and GPS facility with the delivery planner management app,
  • The delivery planner management app comes up with an electronic proof of delivery feature,
  • A delivery planner software can do automatic allocation for multiple deliveries,
  • It can reroute if any disruption occurs in the current path, etc.

Through these facilities, a delivery route planning software can eliminate the common dilemmas that occur during the delivery process. Let’s know about it in detail.

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Weed out Conventional Dilemmas in Choosing the Best Routes

This part deals with the common conventional dilemmas during the delivery process and how a delivery route planning software can weed out the confusion. When delivery persons have multiple goods to deliver in various geo-locations, they are confused about where to start and proceed to next. 

In this situation, they use a digital map with their mobile app. It is effective to find a path to a single destination but it couldn’t organize many destinations in a single route. In this situation, a delivery planner management app for the delivery persons will help them to optimize their route in a few taps. 

The next major confusion is choosing a path that leads to the destination quickly. In this situation, all the drivers (delivery persons) have relied on the digital map. But by doing this, there is a possibility to miss any drop-off location for their delivery. 

This risk can be eliminated by a re-routing facility of a delivery planner management app. A delivery planner management software can help the admin to monitor the entire delivery process and scale them. But, does the software play a role in ensuring customer satisfaction? Let’s check.

Delivery Route Planning Software: Delivery On Time for Every Time

As far now, we have seen that a delivery route planning software can help the drivers and the admin to enhance the delivery process. Now, let’s check how it ensures customer satisfaction. 

  1. Customers are expecting on-time delivery which means their products should reach them before ETD (expected time of delivery). By providing this for every customer and every time, you can ensure the best customer experience.
  2. With this software, you can manage the reverse logistics process as well. That means, if any customer needs to return their product and exchange it, your delivery crew can do it before the estimated time. 
  3. Let your customers know before one hour of delivery to ensure their presence through notification or messaging facility. It will benefit both customers and the drivers to know the real-time status of each other. 
  4. By integrating the delivery planner software with your business mobile application, you can ensure transparency in the delivery process to the customers. 

Through these ways, you can ensure customer satisfaction with the delivery planner software. In a single word, by providing on-time delivery every time with help of the software, you can increase the CX for your business.

Optimize Overall Delivery Process with a Realistic Solution From SpotnRides

All the aforesaid benefits can be obtained by availing of the best delivery planner software only. That means you have to select a reliable IT solution to get the software. 

SpotnRides has been providing such delivery planner software for many businesses globally for years. It can be a reliable and feasible solution to uplift the delivery process to the next level. By availing of delivery route planning software from SpotnRides, you can gain the following benefits.

  • Reduce the delivery turn-around time,
  • Cut the extra expenditure on fuel for last-mile delivery by shortening the distance, 
  • The effective and automated routing planning system,
  • Automation in work allocation to delivery persons,
  • Enhance transparency in logistic operations,
  • Locate the drop-off locations accurately and others.

With this well-synchronized delivery management system, you will get the delivery person app (delivery planner management app) and the admin panel. With the application, the drivers can optimize the delivery routes and the time. Through the admin panel, you can manage and monitor the whole process to ensure customer satisfaction.

Summing Up

Concisely, if you are managing a delivery crew in any form yourself, then you should adopt recent tech solutions to automate the delivery process. Delivery planner software is one of the advanced technological solutions that can automate the process.

By availing it from SpotnRides, you can fo the delivery at multiple stops within the minimum time. This reliable solution can provide the best route to complete your delivery on time and avoid unnecessary dilemmas during the process. Simply, it is a great tool that helps you to make decisions during delivery. 

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